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Tipología Curso
Lugar Barcelona (España)
Horas lectivas 105h
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  • Barcelona (España)
  • 105h

BEC Higher assesses proficiency in the use of English for making presentations, negotiating effectively in the promotion of products and services, and in engaging in extended conversations with clients at meetings and seminars. It is a practical course by nature, so the students will focus on using English in real world business situations. It is aligned with Level C1 of the Common European Framew.
Dirigido a: BEC, Business English Certificate, is an international examination designed by the University of Cambridge ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages), to assess business English proficiency. The certificate is recognised by educational institutions and corporations worldwide and complements degrees and diplomas. It is essential to upgrade your language skills and be successful at the work


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Arago Nº 9, 4 Planta, 08015, Barcelona, España
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Arago Nº 9, 4 Planta, 08015, Barcelona, España
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· Requisitos

Upper-intermediate English language level.


General Objectives: · Chairing business meetings and making presentations (how to convince, insinuate, motivate) · Describing charts and statistics (revision of general financial terms, use of adjectives, adverbs and dependent prepositions) · Pricing: language structures and vocabulary connected with (submitting tenders, winning contracts) · Writing proposals, reports, letters (use of linking words and phrases, compound nouns used in business context and revise passive voice) · Sales: adding emphasis when making a sales pitch (use of cleft sentences) · Negotiating (use of alternative phrases for if in conditional sentences) · CSR Corporate Social Responsibility, how to deal with business ethics (use of definite and indefinite articles, zero article) · Risk management (revision of the language of concession: although, despite, though) · Use of idiomatic expressions at a business environment (phrasal verbs, collocation of words, idioms)

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