Travel Tango - Experience Buenos Aires

Travel Tango - Experience Buenos Aires


Our courses are individualized, because they are centered in the particular needs of each student. We believe that learning is more effective when the approach is through personal interests and preferences.In order to make our courses more dynamic and communicative we form small groups of up to eight students . This gives our students the opportunity to meet people of all over the world and learn in a diversity environment. Every student has counseling and research guidelines. We also offer personal courses.In the classroom we perform communicative and dynamic activities, but we also go outside the classroom to talk to natives with specific objectives, search for information and discover areas of the city.We work with authentic materials , so that we can anticipate real life situations. This way you expand your vocabulary and obtain the resources to communicate in Spanish, and you also improve the accuracy of your performance.

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Travel Tango - Experience Buenos Aires
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...Students will be able to participate in simple conversations even though they don't understand all the words. They will be able to perform simple communicative... Aprendé: Español hablado, Español escrito, Idioma español... Ver más

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