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Managing Environmental Resources

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Horas lectivas 60h
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This environmental resource management course focuses on how to reduce an organization´s pollution and waste of environmental resources. Participants of this course do not need prior knowledge of environmental resource management. Develop an understanding of the many processes an organization can employ to reduce their resource waste. Learn how to implement techniques to improve resource and energy management. Learn about biodiversity and how it benefits the environment. Gain an understanding of current regulations and legislation affect resource management. Practice presenting the various strategies of waste and pollution reduction to an organization. Upon completion of this course, participants will have a strong understanding of environmental resource management and be able to effectively reduce an organizations waste and pollution.

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Requisitos: No Prior knowledge or experience is required to complete this course.

Accredited or approved course provider: Managing Environmental Resources Level 3 award NCFE - ABC Awards

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Pollution Control
Environmental Impact
Environmental Regulation
Energy Efficiency
Enviormental Issues
Preserving Enviormental Resources
Polution Reduction
Reducing an Organization´s Environmental Effect
Environmental Issues Effect on Business


Level 2 Managing Environmental Resources

Course Content

This course consists of four units:

Unit 1 Environmental Issues


·          What influences biodiversity?

·          Why is biodiversity important?

Climate change

·          Why is climate change important?

·          The effects of climate change in the UK

·          Can climate change be stopped? 

Unit 2 Preserving Environmental Resources


·           Managing energy

·           Consequences of not managing energy

·           Legislation


·           Managing the use of water

·           Consequences of not managing water

·           Legislation 


Unit 3 Reducing The Effect That Your Organisation Has On The Environment


·           How road transport affects the environment

·           Managing road transport

·           Impact of not managing transport

·           Legislation


·           Managing pollution

·           Consequences of not managing pollution

·           Legislation

Waste Disposal

·           Managing waste

·           Methods of disposing of waste

·           Impact of not managing waste

·           Legislation 

Unit 4 How Do Environmental Issues Affect Businesses?

·          How effective environmental practices can benefit your business