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Human Biology 1B - Bioenergenics

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Learn to understand and manage energy in the human body. Discover how energy affects our body, how to manage people's energy, where it comes from and what affects energy levels. Learn about energy and movement within the human body. What are the factors that makes us move better? By understanding these factors you can better manage people's capacity to move, and to manage optimum levels of energy within their body.

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Distance Learning

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Anatomy and Physiology
Energy Management
Human Biology


Prerequisite: Basic understanding of body systems Human Anatomy and Physiology

This course gives you the tools to manage energy levels in people. Learn what is energy, how to increase people's energy levels and maintain them in different situations, when rest is the perfect recovery tool and how to perform exercises for better energy management.
Lesson Structure: Human Biology IB - Bioenergetics BSC201

There are 7 lessons:

Energy and Work
Explains how energy is used in the human body to create work and power
Energy Pathways
Looks at energy pathways during rest, work and recovery
The Acid-Base Balance
Explains the significance of the acid-base balance in the body
Osmosis & Diffusion
Explains movement of materials in and out of living cells
Atmospheric Pressure
Examines the affect of changing atmospheric pressure on the human body
Temperature Regulation
Centres on temperature regulation in the body
Ergogenic Aids to Performance
Examines ergogenic aids to body performance during activity/exercise

Learning Goals: Human Biology IB - Bioenergetics BSC201

Explain how energy is used in the human body to create work and power.
Explain energy pathways during resting, work and recovery.
Explain the significance of the acid-base balance in the body.
Explain movement of materials in and out of living cells.
Explain the affect of changing atmospheric pressure on the body.
Explain temperature regulation in the body.
Explain ergogenic aids to body performance during activity/exercise.


Explain biological energy cycles, using illustrations where appropriate.
Explain two examples of energy pathways in the body, including an anaerobic and an aerobic pathway.
Explain the function of ATP in body energy pathways.
Explain the significance of the following terms to understanding body energy pathways:
efficiency during exercise
Explain the consumption of oxygen during different stages of activity, including:
at rest
warming up
peak activity
cooling down
Calculate the net cost of exercise in litres per minute, for a set situation.
Explain the measurement of efficiency during the exercise carried out in a set task.
Explain problems which may occur in physiological processes during running a marathon.
Explain in one paragraph for each, the following acid-base terms with relevance to exercise:
Alkali reserve
Describe respiratory regulation of pH in the human body.
Describe how regulation of pH occurs in the kidneys.
Explain the affect of strenuous exercise on body pH.
Explain osmosis in a specific biological situation (of your choice).
Distinguish between diffusion and facilitated diffusion in the human body.
Explain how electrochemical forces maintain cellular equilibrium.
Explain how active transport mechanisms occur at a cellular level.

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