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There are many reasons that becoming an entrepreneur is attractive, rather than working for somebody else:

You may be able to spend more time with your family as you can choose your own hours and holidays etc.

You may gain a sense of achievement in creating your own business and seeing it mature;

You are more independent and do not have to answer to anyone else.

You can strive to achieve a certain income within a specified time scale

People become entrepreneurs for many reasons. Some want to leave the fast-paced corporate environment. Others want to be at home but still earn an income. Others want to pursue a personal dream. The reason you might become an entrepreneur may be completely different from these. Most people dream of running their own business. They would like to become entrepreneur

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Distance Learning
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Distance Learning

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New Venture
Decision Making
Business Studies
Market Research
Business Plan
Market Risk
Law and Economics
Stock control


Lesson Structure: Entrepreneurship BBS204

Tthere are 10 lessons:

Scope and Nature of Entrepreneurship
What is a Entrepreneur
Types of Entrepreneurs
Factors Affecting Entrepreneurial Success
Sources for Business Ideas
Entrepreneurial Process
Is Entrepreneurship Right for You
Reasons for Becoming an Entrepreneur
Skills Needed by Entrepreneurs
Determining How Suited You are to Being an Entrepreneur
Assessing opportunities
Questions To Consider
Assessing Opportunities
Entrepreneurial Lifecycles (Opportunity Recognition, Opportunity Focussing, Resource Commitment, Market Entry, Full Launch and Growth, Maturity and Expansion, Liquidity Event)
The Role of Market Research
Obtain, Analyse, and Interpret the information necessary
Who Will Buy Your Products and/or Services
What Do They Want
Market Research Steps
Types of Market Research (Market Research, Product Research, Promotions Research, Sales Research, Company Research)
Gathering Data (Primary Data, Secondary Data)
What Needs Research (Physical Attributes, Behavioural Characteristics of Customers, Identifying Best Prospects)
The Research Process
Researching Competitors
Tracking Trends
Staying Ahead of Trends
Intellectual Property
Contract Law
Public Domain
Right to Privacy
Law & the Internet
Electronic Publishing
Legal & Ethical Concerns
Types of Business (Sole Trader, Partnership, Private Limited Companies, Public Limited Companies)
Legal Obligations
Operating a Business
Goals and Objectives
Resources Premises, Equipment, etc
Stock & Suppliers
Identifying Business Functions
Thinking About Expenses & Costs
Dealing with Fluctuations in Demand
The Business and Financial Plan
What is a Business Plan
Venture Capital
Setting Goals
Developing Procedures
What to include in a Business Plan
Gathering Information
Identifying Key Issues
Developing Strategies and Actions
Market Opportunity Analysis
Determine a Target Market
Engineer a Target Market
Market Objectives
Launching a Venture
Start Up Assistance
Being Prepared for Change
Prepare Contingency Plans in Advance
Using Assets Well
Think Laterally
Core Business Focus
Taking Calculated Risks

Learning Goals: Entrepreneurship BBS204

Discuss the concept of entrepreneurship and identify the effect entrepreneurs can have on the economy.
Identify requirements to become a successful entrepreneur.
Clarify personal expectations, values, skills and experience.
Identify methods of investigating business opportunities that are in line with personal and business interests and values.
Discuss the importance of market research in order to understand potential customer requirements and market needs for a product and/or service.
Explain the legal and ethical aspects of ownership of ideas, designs, etc.
Explain and have the knowledge of relevant legislation and regulations affecting entrepreneurs.
Identify and explain all factors and costs that need to be considered in starting up and managing a venture.
Explain the essential elements of a business plan and the importance of financial planning.
Explain the key concepts of marketing to enable the student to develop and plan marketing strategies relevant to his or her entrepreneurial venture.
Describe various means available that can be used to launch and publicise a new venture.

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