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ECDL 5.0 Comprehensive Online Training Course


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The following course, offered by Career vision, will help you improve your skills and achieve your professional goals. During the program you will study different subjects which are deemed to be useful for those who want to enhance their professional career. Sign up for more information!

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Confidence Training
Ms Word


ECDL/ITQ Essentials
IT User Fundamentals
IT User fundamentals builds the learners confidence by teaching basic interaction with computers, from start up to productive use and basic computer house-keeping.

Using email and the Internet
This unit helps the learner understand how to use internet and email in a safe and secure way. It explains key terms and builds a knowledge of the fundamentals of computer security, and how to start browsing the internet and using email.

Security for IT Users
The Security for IT Users unit provides the learner with an essential understanding of how to use a computer in a safe and secure manner, protecting their data and that of other users.

Word Processing
This now includes update content to cover the 2010 version & develops the learners ability to create word-processed documents, entering text, editing and formatting work and using graphs, tables and pictures for a professional finish. The learner will also understand how to work more effectively using tools such as the spell-checker and mail merge.

Spreadsheet Software
This now includes update content to cover the 2010 version & helps learners develop a working knowledge of spreadsheets from entering data and formatting worksheets through to creating charts and producing high quality documents.

Presentation Software
The Presentation Software unit introduces the learner to this important means of business communication. Upon completion, learners will be capable of producing high quality presentations using a variety of tools including charts, graphs and drawn objects.

Improving Productivity Using IT
The ECDL/ITQ requires the inclusion of content that builds the learners ability to work more effectively with IT. This unit looks at using tools to help save time and effort when producing word-processed documents, presentations and spreadsheets.

Database Software
A brand new bonus module added on to cover Microsoft Access 2010 at no extra charge! Get started on this to start understanding the application and familiarising yourself with databases. Lean how to create tables, objects, retrieve information and prepare outputs!

How Does The Training Course Work?
You will be studying online at your own pace and conditions. No longer will you be rushed through sections you do not understand or waste time on topics you've already mastered. The ECDL/ITQ training course offers unlimited access for 12 months and can be accessed anywhere in the world with a PC and internet connection. After your registration you will receive your Student ID and Password. Once received you can login and access your courseware straight away, no download or any external software is required.

The ECDL syllabus consists of 7 units
 which define the skills and competencies necessary to be a proficient user of a computer and common computer applications. The ECDL Certification is a qualification recognised throughout Europe and is highly valued in the workplace. Get your ECDL Certification with our indepth, online video tutorial course. We now include brand new extra content covering the new Windows 8 system, plus the newer 2010 & 2013 versions of Word & Excel within the course.

1. IT User Fundamentals
2. Using Email and the Internet
3. Security for IT Users
4. Word processing
5. Spreadsheet Software
6. Presentation Software
7. Improving Productivity Using IT
8. Database Software (Bonus – FREE!) 

What Can We Offer You?
Not only will you gain from fully interactive in-depth courseware that Learning247 offers, we also give our clients a comprehensive list of benefits to make their time spent learning with us as advantageous as we possibly can. We have knowledgeable, friendly tutors and advisors that can offer their help and expertise. Their service is completely free and you can have unlimited help from them. There is no qualification or background in IT required - we can provide you with the experience and train you all the way. We will give you a telephone interview to find your goal and help you achieve it. Many people let their fear, age, lack of experience or self-confidence stop them from getting their full potential. Don't worry, with our help and your dedication we can help you reach your goals.

  • Unlimited access for 12 months
  • Free Tutor support hotline for 12 months
  • Track your progress with our unique reporting management system
  • Get training the same day of your order
  • Free skill assessments and interactive practice questions
  • Your own course preference
  • 45 hours to complete (for an average student)
  • Latest Version 5 courseware
  • Log in from any computer at any time 24 hours a day 7 days a week

The Benefits of Completing our ECDL Online Training Course:

  •     You can study from anywhere, at any time of the day. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection.
  •     Gain competence and confidence when using IT. No more being afraid!
  •     Gain an ECDL certification that is recognised throughout the World.
  •     Discover how to get the most out of essential office applications: Microsoft Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.
  •     Reduce the time and money spent on solving computer problems.
  •     Discover ways to improve your productivity and work more efficiently using IT.
  •     Learn how to use your computer safely, keeping your data and system secure.
  •     Become more valued in your workplace.
  •     Learn using our interactive training and simulations.
  •     Our friendly and helpful tutors are ready & willing to give you one on one support for every step of your training.
  •     Increase your computer literacy. Enjoy your computer.
  •     Includes Free upgrade to Windows 8 training.