CompTIA Network+ 2009: Network Components

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This course covers the different standards that apply to network media and the types of media that can be used on a network, for instance twisted pair copper, coaxial, or fiber optic, as well as the connectors and other hardware required to allow the media to function correctly. Also, the logical operations of network media, for example transmission speeds, duplexing, and frequency, is explained. This course also describes how to install network media and how to verify that the installation is correct.
Dirigido a: The audience for CompTIA Network+ 2009 training will comprise IT personnel with at least 9 months IT networking experience. Good computer literacy along with a sound technical acumen should be present. Students looking to acquire job skills, and to be trained specifically to pass the associated CompTIA Network+ (2009 Edition) certification exam will want to study this learning path


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marlene dana
5.0 27/03/2011
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santiago aleman
5.0 07/08/2011
Lo mejor: Es una infinidad de posibilidades que se abren con cada aprendisaje.
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CompTIA Network+ 2009: Network Components

  • identify the features and characteristics of common types of cable
  • recognize common connectors for network cables
  • recognize solutions to problems related to the physical media used on a network, for a given scenario
  • create a straight-through, crossover, and rollover cable
  • recognize how to install network wiring in a telecommunications or equipment room
  • recognize the functions of telecommunications and equipment rooms
  • recognize how to verify wiring installation
  • recognize how to verify a wiring termination
  • match appropriate network cables and connectors to given scenarios
  • identify common cabling tools
  • identify how to install and verify network cable, for a given scenario

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