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Art Therapy Course

Helen Woolstencroft

Sobre el curso: I haven’t finished the course yet! But it is has so far been very informative. Great information and work to do yourself. Definitely worth the money!
Curso realizado: Octubre 2020
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Medicinal Cannabis & CBD Oil Diploma Course

Joanne Batten

Sobre el curso: I’m 2/3 my way through this course and it’s content has blown my expectations out the water! Very comprehensive, clearly laid out and engaging. Very happy ????
Curso realizado: Septiembre 2020
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Master Herbalist Diploma Course

Japheth Paul

Sobre el curso: Loved.
Curso realizado: Septiembre 2020
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Ufology Diploma Course

Louise Gitsham

Sobre el curso: So interesting, never realized how much there is to learn about Ufology. I am completely hooked. Best course I have done so far.
Curso realizado: Agosto 2020
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Soap Making Diploma Course

rajaarajan swaminathan

Sobre el curso: It a great opportunity for me
Curso realizado: Julio 2020
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Bach Flower Remedies Diploma Course

Neerja Prakash

Sobre el curso: I have just finished my first module and am very satisfied with the course
Curso realizado: Julio 2020
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Crochet Diploma Course

Jo-Anne Hall

Sobre el curso: I am really enjoying the challenge of this course. It is well presented and is progressing well. I am about a third of the way through and I have just begun a design project.
Curso realizado: Mayo 2020
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Ufology Diploma Course

Gwenni Barrett

Sobre el curso: I have completed the course two weeks ago yesterday and haven’t heard a single thing back yet. Why does it take two weeks? Can’t you just hire some more people? Give me the job I’d love to mark papers!!
Curso realizado: Mayo 2020
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Child Nutrition Diploma Course

Kirby Friedman

Sobre el curso: I thoroughly enjoyed this course and I would definitely recommend it.,
Curso realizado: Mayo 2020
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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Diploma Course

Giancarlo Giorgino

Sobre el curso: Non l’ho ancora finito ma il corso da un’infarinatura su molti argomenti che poi vanno approfonditi personalmente
Curso realizado: Abril 2020
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Project Management Course

Eleonora Piccardo

Sobre el curso: Hello, the first part is really interesting. It was a pleasure to get some new tips on how manage the Project management. The speaker sometimes is really boring, but i have used the slides to get the information i needed most. Thank you. Eleonora
Curso realizado: Abril 2020
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Canine Communication Diploma Course

Daniel mosquera taborda

Sobre el curso: Es un curso bastante completo y facil de entender!!
Curso realizado: Marzo 2020
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Organic Skincare Business Diploma Course

Md. Mostafijur Rahman

Sobre el curso: Excellent.
Curso realizado: Febrero 2020
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Hand Reflexology Diploma Course

marg holman

Sobre el curso: Only just started the course, but so far I'm very happy with it . I love the way I can dip in and out of the course, perfect for my busy lifestyle. Well done
Curso realizado: Febrero 2020
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Advanced Reflexology Diploma Course

Lauren Goodhand

Sobre el curso: Although not completed yet the course so far is really good. Interesting reading material. Easy to use and well laid out. Will definitely use again.
Curso realizado: Abril 2019
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Sobre el curso: Centre of Excellence provides range of courses and they're excellent at what they do. I would highly recommend the same to all. The course is enjoyable and I am looking forward to join more such courses with them.
Curso realizado: Marzo 2019
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David Hamm

Sobre el curso: I work in secondary school and this course has helped me immensly. I did teaching assistant course and challenge behaviour with children and young people.
Curso realizado: Marzo 2019
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Jordan Carton

Sobre el curso: I am loving getting to studying mode again after a very long time, it's kind a refreshing and CoE is challenging and is great fun. I am towards my second diploma.
Curso realizado: Marzo 2019
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David Cook

Sobre el curso: CoE is a wonderful place for learning and exploring, I did many courses online but this place is second to none. They've everything you're looking for. I am highly imppressed with the quality of the course and I enjoyed everything about the course. It was simply amazing, professional, in-depth and brilliant.The content of the course was engaging and informative. I am ready to take another course with them namely, Soul Purpose Coaching diploma, as it looks even more comprehensive and amazing.
Curso realizado: Marzo 2019
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Julian Lowe

Sobre el curso: I enrolled with few more courses with Centre of Excellence and it was an amazing experience. Their material was great and it was quite easy to understand, The staff was helpful and kind enough to understand your needs and requirements. I had a wonderful learning experience at CoE.
Curso realizado: Marzo 2019
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Where E-Learning Becomes Life-Changing!

Centre of Excellence is recognised worldwide as one of the leading online training providers, with hundreds of thousands of learners having gained vital skills and qualifications online via our Centre.

Our aim is to help you to achieve excellence in every area of your life via quality distance learning training courses. Whether you're looking to learn a new skill, to gain a qualification for a new career or to start a new business, Centre of Excellence can help you to achieve your goals and get to where you want to be.

Why US?
All of our courses come with full support from our dedicated team of tutors in your chosen subject field always on hand to help you complete your studies with us.

We provide a state-of-the-art online learning platform where you can access your course materials 24/7 across any device.

Whether you decide to study from home, from work or from wherever you choose, there are no deadlines for completing your work so you can study in your own time at your own pace.

With over 1000 different flexible courses to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find something to fulfill your needs. You can take a look at our wide range of courses here.

Awards and Recognition
Centre of Excellence is world renowned for high quality training courses, our contributions have been recognised with 5 international business awards including Best Online Education and Training Provider showing our ongoing commitment to providing exceptional value to our customers.

Our Most Popular Courses
Some of our most popular courses include our holistic health and wellness range including Aromatherapy, CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Herbalism and Reflexology to our hugely popular range of Autism Awareness and SEND courses created by a leading authority on Autism and special needs.

We also have a wide range of Canine behaviour courses created by our expert writer with 20 years experience in this fascinating field.

Advantages of studying with Centre of Excellence:

State-of-the-art online learning platform
Award winning courses
Full tutor support
No time limit for completing your course
Over 1000 different flexible courses to choose from
Access your personalized course library, view your courses in your online course library.
On-the-go Learning Learn on your mobile, tablet, laptop, via a printed manual or via audio, your course materials are available to you 24/7 accessible from anywhere.
Free Inspirational Events & Workshops for all learners - Gain access to our online TV channel.
Join our online student group and meet study buddies in your local area
At Centre of Excellence, we work with a number of associations to ensure that our courses are of the highest quality and provide you with the skills and certification you need to succeed in your area of study.

We are partnered with the following associations to bring you the best value from your course and additional perks while you study and upon completion of your course.

ILM – Institute of Leadership and Management (City & Guilds)
CMA – Complementary Medical Association
NCFE – Northern Council for Further Education
IAHT – International Alliance of Holistic Therapists
NUS – National Union of Students
CPD – Continued Professional Development

Every course taken with Centre of Excellence counts towards your CPD. The number of CPD points each course is worth is outlined under the ‘Accreditations’ section of each course’s description. Upon completion of your course assessments, you will receive 3 certificates. An accredited certificate from the awarding body relating to your course, a CPD certificate which shows your CPD points on it and a certified Diploma certificate from the Centre of Excellence.

Centre of Excellence