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Tipología Título propio
Lugar Madrid (España)
Duración 4 Años
Inicio Septiembre
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  • Título propio
  • Madrid (España)
  • Duración:
    4 Años
  • Inicio:
    otras fechas

Art history explores the cultural, historical and social contexts of art, helping us interpret the world around us. Through close examination of prominent periods and creators, students develop the skills—critical analysis, research and communication—necessary for success in careers in the arts and other professional fields.

You can complete all of your courses while in residence on our Madrid campus, or choose to study for one semester in St. Louis, Missouri. You can also design your own program: transferring with pre-approved coursework completed at approved universities located in other art capitals of Europe – Paris, London, or Rome, for example – or anywhere in the world.

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inicio Ubicación
Avenida del Valle, 34, 28003, Madrid, España
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inicio Septiembre
Avenida del Valle, 34, 28003, Madrid, España
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¿Qué aprendés en este curso?

Historia del arte
Arte moderno
Historia del Arte Español
Acercamiento a las artes
Arte europeo


Art History courses at SLU-Madrid include:
  • Approaching the Arts
  • History of Western Art
  • History of Western Art I
  • History of Western Art II
  • Art and the Body
  • History of Spanish Art
  • The Art and History of Madrid
  • Ancient Art Survey
  • Art of the African Diaspora
  • Medieval Art Survey
  • Renaissance Art Survey
  • Nineteenth-Century Art: Goya to Van Gogh
  • Modern Art Survey
  • Special Topics - Art from Michelangelo to Goya: Great European Masters
  • Special Topics - Art in Madrid and Paris
  • Special Topics - Catalan Modernismo and the Spanish Avant Garde
  • Special Topics - Museums and Palaces: The Art and Architecture of Madrid
  • Special Topics - Spanish Masters: Goya to Dali
  • Special Topics - The Architecture and Urbanism of Spain
  • Special Topics - Modern Art in Latin America
  • Special Topics - Modern Spanish Art: from Goya to Almod�var
  • Women in Art
  • Islamic Art & Society
  • High and Late Renaissance Art and Culture
  • The Golden Age of Spanish Art
  • Modern Art in Spain and France
  • Realism and Impressionism
  • Twentieth Century Art: Van Gogh & Warhol
  • Special Topics - Art and Power in Renaissance and Baroque
  • Special Topics - Manet to Dalí: Modernism & the Avant Garde
  • Special Topics - Modern Spanish Masters: Goya to Dalí
  • Special Topics - The Life and Work of Francisco Goya
  • Special Topics - Van Gogh-Warhol: 20th Century Art in Europe & America
  • Special Topics - Art in Madrid Museums
  • Jewish and Muslim Art on the Iberian Peninsula
  • Roman Art
  • Modern Art in Latin America
  • Research Methods in Art History
  • Art History Internship
  • Special Topics - 20th Century Art: Van Gogh-Warhol
  • Special Topics - Dalí-Warhol: Twentieth Century European and American Art

To complete the History program, you will also need to complete the Arts and Science Core curriculum, which includes courses in:
Foundations of Discourse
Cultural Diversity and the European Union
Modern & Classical Language
Fine & Performing Arts
World History
Social Science