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Are you considering a career in communications or public relations? Communication and public relations professionals are integral part of the business world. Consumers are no longer passive audiences, but rather active participants, and it is important to keep up with the trends in this rapidly evolving industry. Students of the Bachelor’s degree program in Communications and Public Relations at European University are trained to drive companies forward by tapping into new digital techniques that others are slow to adopt.This is a six-semester program taught by excellent faculty with direct commercial experience. The comprehensive curriculum offered by EU helps students develop practical media skills and a theoretical understanding of public relations and corporate communication. Students will receive hands-on training and an academic and professional education which will prepare them for positions in public relations, advertising, marketing, communications and management. European University is also ideal for those who wish to study in an exciting and diverse academic environment. European University is a vibrant and motivated international community, with students coming from all over the world. International exchange leads to greater understanding and appreciation of the other and prepares EU graduates for more effective interaction in the global marketplace.

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Admission requirements: Certificate from an accredited secondary school; High School degree, Baccalauréat, Selectividad, Maturité Fédérale, Deutsche Abitur or equivalent. Fluency in English certified by a minimum score of 213 (computer based) on TOEFL (institution code 8085), or English as mother tongue. A non-refundable €200 application fee Two reference letters from academic or professional sources Two essays Bank Certificate


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MBA in Communication and Public Relations

Equipo Docente
5.0 12/05/2014
Lo mejor: The MBA in Communications and Public Relations from European University is a challenging and rewarding program which combines both business and a now integral part of business, communications. As technology advances and new forms of marketing emerge, companies need to stay on top of trends or risk being left behind. This MBA program equips students with the business and communication skills to stay ahead of the game.
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MBA - Master In Business Administration

carlos molina grenethier
5.0 01/02/2014
Lo mejor: Me matriculé desde Córdoba, Argentina. Al pagar me enviaron el primer curso pero no se entendía prácticamente nada.
A mejorar: Todo lo prometido por la empresa ya que nadie se comunicó conmigo durante ocho meses después de enviarles correos.
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Micro Economics
Mass Communication
Macro Economics
Elementary Statistics
Business Finance
Fundamentals of Public Relations
Advertising and Media
Interpersonal Communication
Human Resources Management





BCO111 - Foundations of Business Management (3)

BCO112 - Writing Communication Skills (3)

BCO113 - Principles of Accounting (3)

BCO114 - Elementary Calculus (3)

BCO115 - Computer Literacy and Introduction to Internet (3)

BCO116 - Introduction to Marketing (3)

BCO117 - Micro Economics (3)

BAC111 - Introduction to Mass Communication (2)

Industrial Visits I (3)


BCO121 - Oral Communication Skills (3)

BCO122 - Intermediate Accounting (3)

BCO123 - Elementary Statistics (3)

BCO124 - Macro Economics (3)

BCO125 - Commercial & European Laws (3)

BCO126 - Business Finance I (3)

BAC121 - Fundamentals of Public Relations (2)

BAC122 - Advertising and Media (2)

Industrial Visits II (3)



BCO211 - Marketing Management (3)

BCO212 - Business Finance II (3)

BCO213 - Human Resources Management (3)

BCO214 - Production Management (3)

BCO215 - Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation (3)

BCO216 - Introduction to Multimedia Management (2)

BCO217 - Management Information Systems (3)

BBA211 - Interpersonal Communication (2)

European Study Tour


BCO221 - Financial Instruments and Markets (2)

BCO222 - Strategic Marketing (3)

BCO223 - Sales & Purchasing Management (3)

BCO224 - International Economics (3)

BCO225 - Consumer Behavior (3)

BAC221 - Public Relations Compaigns (2)

BAC222 - Negotiation and Lobbying (2)

BAC223 - Nonverbal Communication (2)

BBA224 - Innovative Communication Applications (2)

BAC225 - Public Relations Research (2)



BCO311 - Cases in Marketing (3)

BCO312 - Financial Statement Analysis (3)

BCO313 - Cases in Finance (3)

BCO314 - Corporate Finance (3)

BCO315 - Technology, Productivity & Change Management (3)

BAC311 - International Public Relations (2)

BAC312 - Mass Media and Legislation (2)

BAC313 - Persuasion (2)

BAC314 - Elements of Electronic Media (2)

BAC315 - Intercultural Communication (2)


BCO321 - Business Policy & Strategy (3)

BCO322 - Budgeting (3)

BCO323 - Global Marketing (3)

BCO324 - Global Business (3)

BAC321 - Public Relations Case Studies (2)

BAC322 - Global Communications (2)

Final Case in Finance

Final Case in Marketing


The Programs are taught in English and/or Spanish and take place during the day from Monday to Friday. They start in October, February, June and August.

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Observaciones: Decana Académica: Prof. Christine Clarke.
Prácticas en empresa: Bolsa de trabajo interna
Convalidaciones: De otro centro regulado
Alumnos por clase: 25

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