WF351 - Developing EJBs with Rational Application Developer v 6.0

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En Buenos Aires

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Tipología Capacitación
Lugar Buenos aires
Duración 4 Días
  • Capacitación
  • Buenos aires
  • Duración:
    4 Días

Dirigido a: This is an intermediate course for Java developers who build Web-based server-side Java applications, using J2EE EJB-based solutions for WebSphere Application Server, Version 6


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Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, Argentina
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· Requisitos

You should complete: Developing and Testing OO Applications with Java (JA341) Servlet and JSP Development with Rational Application Developer V6.0 (WF311) Developing and Testing OO Applications with Java (JA341) Introduction to XML and Related Technologies (XM301) or Introduction to Programming XML and Related Technologies (XM341) Online product tutorial (part of the normal installation of Rational Application Developer)


Skills taught
Describe the J2EE component model
Implement business logic as a set of EJB components
Explain how EJBs relate to servlets and other types of Java components
Create EJB clients
Develop EJBs with IBM Rational Application Developer Version 6.0
Develop Session EJBs
Develop Entity EJBs with container-managed and bean-managed persistence
Perform EJB to relational database mappings for persistent data
Apply container-managed relationships to represent relationships between persistent entities
Integrate your application with messaging using message-driven beans
Leverage container services for transaction management
Leverage container services for EJB security
Apply best practices in EJB design and implementation
Deploy an EJB-based application to WebSphere Application Server Version 6
Course outline
Day 1:
Unit 1 - Introduction
Unit 2 - Introduction to Enterprise JavaBeans
Unit 3 - Session EJBs
Unit 4 - Developing and Testing Session Beans
Lab - Creating a Stateless Session EJB
Lab - Using the EJB Universal Test Client
Unit 5 - J2EE Architecture Overview
Unit 6 - Using EJBs: A First Look at EJB Clients
Unit 7 - Library Case Study
Lab - Developing an EJB Client
Day 2:
Lab - Creating a Stateful Session EJB
Unit 8 - Entity EJBs
Unit 9 - Mapping CMP Beans with Cloudscape
Lab - Creating a Simple CMP Entity Bean
Unit 10 - Container-Managed Relationships
Unit 11 - EJB Inheritance
Lab - Creating CMP EJBs with RDBMappings
Lab - Container Managed Entity Beans with CMR Fields
Unit 12 - EJB Query Language
Lab - EJB Query Language
Day 3:
Unit 13 - Bean-Managed Persistence
Lab - Bean-Managed Persistence EJBs
Unit 14 - Message-Driven Beans
Lab - Creating a Message-Driven Bean
Unit 15 - Developing EJB Client
Lab - Developing a Session Façade for Entity Beans
Lab - Developing a Session Façade for the EJB Clients
Lab - Adding a Web User Interface
Day 4:
Unit 16 - EJB Container Services for Transactions
Lab - Defining Transactional Characteristics of EJBs
Unit 17 - EJB Timer Service
Lab - Implementing an EJB Timer
Unit 18 - EJBs and Web Services
Unit 19 - Exceptions in EJBs
Unit 20 - EJB Security
Lab - Defining Role-Based EJB Security
Day 5:
Unit 21- EJBs Best Practices
Unit 22 - J2EE Packaging and Assembly
Unit 23 - Overview of WebSphere Application Server V6
Unit 24 - WebSphere Administration
Unit 25 - Wrap-Up

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