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Tipología Capacitación
Lugar Ciudad de buenos aires
  • Capacitación
  • Ciudad de buenos aires

Full Immersion at Buenos Aires Centre to achieve your goals efficiently.
Dirigido a: Students of all ages (from 16 to 99 years old), levels and countries


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Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Sarmiento 833, floor 4 th B, 1041, Capital Federal, Argentina
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Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Sarmiento 833, floor 4 th B, 1041, Capital Federal, Argentina
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An unforgettable Argentine experience at Buenos Aires Centre

Semester and Fall - Spring - Summer Programs

Programs of 4- 8 or 16 weeks

Full Immersion at Buenos Aires Centre to achieve your goals efficiently

To discover the beauty of Buenos Aires, and know its culture. Don´t miss the pleasure of enjoying and learning in the most European city in South America.While you are studying in Buenos Aires you will find yourself bombarded with a lot of activities. With our selection your are going to spend time on Tango related activities, such as a show at night or tango lessons.But there will many more things to be enjoyed, from museums and theaters tasting to some of the best meals in the world, including the world reknown Argentine beef. City Tours of ours and walks through parks and neighborhoods such us San Telmo, La Boca, Puerto Madero are mandatory to acquire a taste of Buenos Aires. In your free time you will find a myriad choices of where to go or just hang out. Buenos Aires is a strange mix of different European cultures that have blended to produce a sophisticated city.

Deadlines for Registration

3 weeks before your arrival date

These programs include


Spanish Classes. 4 hours per day from Monday to Friday. Total 20 hours per week.

Argentine History from Colonization until nowadays. 1 hour per day.

Study Material

Interesting culture-focused tours together a teacher in and around Buenos Aires to keep any culture-oriented students busy and enjoying indefinitely

A Dinner Tango Show. Come and know the birthplay of the Tango. Tango music is loved for everybody around the world. Argentina is tango homeland.

Gaucho Party Estancia Tour a full day. You will visit a small town where Argentinian tradition was born, with both old and new buildings in the typical colonial architectural style. In its streets you will find the magic and mixture of history, countrylife, gauchos and the calm of a hospitable and quiet town. You will go to a "estancia" (ranch) where you will taste the traditional "asado" (barbecue), and will enjoy the gaucho´s activities, dances, games and skills. At the end of the tour you will taste "pastelitos" (traditional Argentinian sweet pie). All about gauchos, countryside, traditions, handicrafts.

Excursions to the North Area of the Buenos Aires Province and Tigre Delta Island together a teacher.

4-8 or 16 weeks of stay in a homestay (breakfast and dinner included). Other options of accommodation availaible.

Tango Course with a well know dancer and tango professor, with this course you will learn to dance tango, milonga and vals.

Homestay located in Recoleta, Barrio Norte or Plaza San Martin in single room (if you like other kind of accommodations,please send us an email)

  • full breakfast

  • full dinner

  • Airport transfer upon arrival

Description of Tours, Activities and Excursions

  • Buenos Aires City Tour. Colon Theater, 9 de Julio, Obelisk, Mayo Avenue, Congress, Mayo´s square, San Telmo, La Boca, Caminito, Puerto Madero, Retiro, Palermo, Recoleta)

  • Evita Tour-The Argentine history her life and work with Peron

  • San Isidro

  • Delta Tigre

BUENOS AIRES CITY TOUR Discovering the beauty and wonders of Buenos Aires, view the National Congress, The Metropolitan Cathedral next to the Goverment House in MaySquare area. Admiring the Colon Theater, one of the most important opera houses in Latin America. Visiting San Telmo, traditional neighborhood where Tango performances can be seen in many bars and restaurants. Stopping at La Boca colorfull neighborhood, which was, seat of immigrants - manly Italians - and now home of some artists.Enjoying Palermo, an area that combines its architecture and history with entertainment and amusement in its green spaces. Finally, you are going to La Recoleta, an exclusive and elegant neighborhood where the famous cementery is found. Although it may seem unusual, fashionable restaurants, bars, cafes, discos and a cinema complex also surround the area.

EVITA TOUR A magic tour providing all the answers about this controversial character. Evita Peron was a taboo, untouchable, and full of mystery for a long time.Now, you can know the uncensored version of true Evita's History.

  • The History.

  • Politics, religion, society, economy.

  • Evita and the world

  • Books and Movies about Evita.

  • The movie of Allan Parker Movie with Madonna as EVITA: shooting places. Reaction in Argentina and around the world.

  • Argentine Movies. Other version around the globe

  • Biography.

  • The official and the uncensored story


  • CGT ( Main Labor Union ).

  • Radio Belgrano ( she worked for a long time as a radio host ).

  • May Square's Balcony ( where she gave outstanding speeches to the "descamisados: shirtless workers".

  • Luna Park ( where she met Peron ).

  • Juan Domingo Peron 's House.

  • Duarte's House ( Evita's brother ).

  • The Wedding: Our Lady of Pilar Basilica.

  • Perón's Club of the 45's ( meeting club of Peron's doctrine followers).

EVITA FILM: where the actors lived and studied the Life of this remarkable figure.


  • La Recoleta Cemetery: Evita's Mausoleum.

  • EVITA PERON MONUMENT (Recently built)

  • National Library: it used to be the residence of Eva, the place where she died.

Together with Evita tour, a delightful lunch in the northern outskirts of Buenos Aires will be served.

SAN ISIDRO A visit to this splendid District continues going by bus, facing the waters of the River Platerbs of Buenos Aires; arriving at Olivos -where the Presidential Residence is located- we will take the famous and ultimate generation Coastline Train, which connects the most elegant areas facing the River Plate, making a stop at San Isidro station to visit its outdoor Mall.

COSTANERA bus tour facing the waters of River Plate. The Domestic Airport, Fisherman's Club, and The River Plate's Soccer Stadium.

LUNCH: Complete lunch with Entreé, Main Course, Dessert and drinks included.


Olivos-Presidential Residence

Historical references, current goverment, anecdotal incidents of Juan Perón's administration.


Coastline train ride between Olivos and San Isidro. Free time at San Isidro open air Mall.


Historical tours (three ombues ride, colonial houses, Pueyrredon's House, Cathedral, Residential area, Boating Club.

Hippodrome: San Isidro Jockey Club.

TIGRE IIn 1891 Ferrocarriles de Buenos Aires inaugura-ted a local train that would travel from Retiro (downtown) to Delta Station, north of the city. Today, a 30 minutes trip. In the 60's the train was deactivated to become active again in 1990. Taking the short journey is fabulous, traveling through all different neighborhoods of the city and watching the coastal area, a fairly uncommon scene...even for those who live there. At the end of the trip there is Tigre, a small neighborhood that developed as a result of the activity in the Delta. For a long time the island of Tigre was the summer escapade for the high classes in the city. Some facts about the Delta, the widest in the world, are impressive. Ninety million tons of sedimentation carried by the Parana river produce an accumulation of land of approximately 50 cm (20 inches) every year, forming the different islands that constitute the Delta region, one of which is Tigre. In this tour you will board a modern double decker catamaran to discover the wonders of the Delta of Parana River, a 14.000 square kilometers area of exotic subtropical forest area, comprising thousands of islands and islets crisscrossed by rivers and brooks, the islanders houses and their way of life, culture and transportation. After boat ride, return to BUE by Highway


Boat Ride along the amazing Delta of Parana. Ride in a modern double decker catamaran.


Fauna, flora, islanders houses, islands and islets: way of life, culture and transportation.


Human impact, future of the Delta.

A Dinner Tango Show. Come and know the birthplay of the Tango. Tango music is loved for everybody around the world. Argentina is tango homeland. We invite you to enjoy the glamour, excitement and sophistication of argentine's best music. Our school invites you a Top Class Tango shows and performances at one of the best Restaurants of the city, you will enjoy a stunning show of our music while you have a delicious dinner.

Gaucho Party Estancia Tour For those who like to know better what Argentines are all about, staying at a Ranch is a must. There, you will come into contact with local traditions such as barbecueing Argentine's favorite meals, asados, as well as witness first hand one day in the life of a Gaucho, watch their riding skills and spend time with the landow-ners in a friendly environment. Ranches have 'cascos' which are the central buildings of the 'estancia', where everything takes place.

Learn the aspects of the Gaucho's life.

A whole day countryside participating in Sortija and Cuadrera races.

The field day culminates with an exhibition and mix-up of matched-together horse herds (tropillas), and then autochtonous horseback sport called "carreras de sortijas" (ring-races), all of which show the remarkable dominion excerted by gaucho upon his horses.The strolls in typical one-horse carriages called "sulkys", or just riding on horse-back, will show you the enchantment of the Argentine land, the beautiful landscape, its growing crops, and let them feel the incomparable wild aroma in the air.

Enjoy a fabulous barbecue, "empanadas" (meat pies) all served with argentine wines.

Folk music and dancing performances will be shown.


Program overview: This program is designed to who wish to enjoy of the learning or practicing Spanish Language, understanding, speaking, writing Argentinian Spanish but marking differences with Spanish of Spain and other Latin American countries, as well as knowing Argentine culture, and learn to dance Tango. A serie of activities are included to taste our city and surrounding with visits to different places.

Total Prices of the Programs

(Spanish classes, Argentine History lessons, all excursions & tours, Tango show, Visit to an Estancia, Homestay + Breakfast + Dinner, a complete Tango course, transfer airport upon arrival)

Semester (16 weeks)

USD 4,990 + Registration Fee by USD 200

Summer- Fall - Spring (8 weeks)

USD 2,690 + Registration Fee by USD 200

4 weeks

USD 1,490 + Registration Fee by USD 200

All prices are in US dollars. The cultural and social activities are after or before classes , (no included drinks,meals,tickets to museums,theaters,etc,only specified above.) You will explore the city increasing your knowledge of our country and Argentine culture.

All prices subject to change

Registration Fees by USD 200 is required at least 5 weeks before your arrival at Buenos Aires.

Balance of Fees is cash in American Dollars in advance

All fees are in U.S. Dollars. Credit cards are not accepted. If you have traveller checks you should cash them previously in an exchange agency.

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