Managing IBM Lotus Domino Servers & Users

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Tipología Capacitación
Lugar Buenos aires
Duración 3 Días
  • Capacitación
  • Buenos aires
  • Duración:
    3 Días

Manage Users. Manage Groups. Manage Non-Notes and Notes Clients. Deploy Composite Applications. Manage Servers. Update Servers. Set Up Server Monitoring. Use Domino Domain Monitoring. Monitor Server Performance. Resolve Server Problems. Resolve User Problems.
Dirigido a: This is a basic course for system administrators new to Lotus Domino who monitor and maintain an existing Lotus Domino 8 infrastructure and manage Notes and non-Notes users in a Domino domain


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· Requisitos

(Required) IBM Lotus Domino 8 System Administration Operating Fundamentals (D8750) (Recommended) Building the IBM Lotus Domino 8 Infrastructure (D8760)


Course outline
This course covers the following topics:
Managing Users
Moving a user's mail file
Changing a user's name
Acting on name change requests
Changing a user's location in the hierarchy
Extending a Notes ID
Setting up ID file back
Recovering an ID file
Deleting users
Managing Groups
Creating groups
Changing a user's group membership
Managing groups
Renaming groups
Deleting groups
Managing Non-Notes and Notes Clients
Setting up browser clients
Configuring Smart Upgrade
Enabling Smart Upgrade tracking
Setting up roaming users
Enabling or disabling roaming user upgrade status
Deploying Composite Applications
Understanding composite application deployment fundamentals
Configuring Lotus Notes 8 clients to access composite applications on a WebSphere Portal server
Introducing composite application provisioning
Configuring clients for user-initiated updates
Managing Servers
Using the server console window
Defining a backup process
Enabling Transaction logging
Analyzing activity data
Automating server tasks
Updating Servers
Searching for server references in a domain
Setting up authentication with other Domino organizations
Changing server access
Decommissioning a server
Recertifying a server ID
Changing administrator access
Setting Up Server Monitoring
Identifying mechanisms for collecting server information
Starting the Statistic Collector task
Creating event generators
Creating event handlers
Choosing a notification method in an event handler
Creating probes
Enabling agent logging
Using Domino Domain Monitoring
Creating and configuring Domino Domain Monitoring probes
Using Domino Domain Monitoring
Monitoring Server Performance
Viewing Domino Domain Monitor events
Viewing real time statistics
Viewing statistics with Server Monitor
Using the Domino Web Administrator
Using the Domino Console
Resolving Server Problems
Solving authentication and authorization issues
Troubleshooting replication problems
Troubleshooting connection problems
Solving agent manager issues
Recovering from a server crash
Configuring Automatic Diagnostic Collection and the Fault Analyzer
Resolving User Problems
Troubleshooting workstation problems
Recovering from a workstation crash
Troubleshooting database issues
Troubleshooting connection problems
Tracking user mail messages

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