IBM Essentials of Rat Clear Case UCM for Windows (SCM275)

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En Buenos Aires

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Tipología Capacitación
Lugar Buenos aires
Duración 1 Día
  • Capacitación
  • Buenos aires
  • Duración:
    1 Día

Demonstrate knowledge of ClearCase and UCM concepts. Join a ClearCase UCM project and set up a developer workspace. Find, set, and work on development activities. Deliver and merge work. Update your workspace. Work offline with ClearCase UCM.
Dirigido a: The material in this course is presented from the developer's point of view. It includes an overview of the day-to-day tasks one performs in order to be successful in a ClearCase UCM environment


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Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, Argentina
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· Requisitos

To benefit from this course, students must have: One year experience working with Microsoft Windows


Course outline
UCM concepts
Joining a project
Setting up a development workspace
Finding and setting activities
Working on activities
Delivering activities
Rebasing your workspace
Advanced delivery scenarios
Working offline
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