Fundamentals of IBM Lotus Domino 8 Application Development

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En Buenos Aires

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Tipología Capacitación
Lugar Buenos aires
Duración 4 Días
  • Capacitación
  • Buenos aires
  • Duración:
    4 Días

Exploring Applications in Lotus Domino 8 Exploring the Lotus Domino 8 Design Environment Creating Databases Designing Pages Initiating Forms Creating Views Introducing Formulas Using Formulas in Forms Using Formulas in Views Developing Forms Enhancing Views Working with Actions Working with Agents Securing Applications.
Dirigido a: This is basic course for application developers who are new to developing Domino applications and who need to acquire the fundamental skills to develop and modify single database applications in IBM Domino Designer 8


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· Requisitos

Experience using the Lotus Notes client, Web browser or both to access applications. (Recommended) Experience developing one or more applications using other application development tools.


Course outline
Exploring Applications in Lotus Domino 8
Identifying Application Types and Data Sources
Examining the Lotus Domino Architecture
Analyzing Lotus Domino Application Components
Investigating Replication and Application Design Considerations
Extending Lotus Domino Collaboration Capabilities
Exploring the Lotus Domino 8 Design Environment
Exploring the Lotus Domino Designer User Interface
Accessing Design Elements
Creating Databases
Creating a New, Blank Database in Lotus Domino Designer
Designing a Copy of an Existing Database
Initiating a Database from a Template
Organizing the Lotus Domino Designer Environment
Creating Pages
Exploring Page Content, Layout, and Navigation Basics
Creating Pages
Adding Text to Pages
Using Tables to Lay Out Pages
Adding Images to Pages
Creating Forms
Creating Forms
Adding Fields to Forms
Hiding Form Elements
Creating Views
Creating Views
Adding View Columns
Organizing Documents
Formatting Views
Introducing Formulas
Identifying Programming Languages Supported by Lotus Domino
Classifying Formula Components
Identifying Event Triggers
Computing and Compare Values
Exploring Formatting and Comments
Using Formulas in Forms
Creating Window Titles
Working with Computed Values
Designing with Field Values
Working with Lists
Prompting Users
Creating Reusable Code
Implementing Error Checking
Using Formulas in Views
Creating Selection Formulas
Concatenating Values in a View Column
Displaying Icons In A View
Enhancing Forms
Working with Layers
Working with Subforms
Creating Shared Fields
Enabling Inheritance in Forms and Documents
Creating Related Forms
Enabling AutoSave
Implementing Lotus Sametime Instant Messaging in Forms
Enhancing Views
Defining Hierarchical Views
Displaying Response Data in Views
Implementing Shared Columns
Enabling Lotus Sametime Instant Messaging in Views
Creating Views for the Web
Working with Actions
Designing Actions
Creating Shared Actions
Controlling the Display of Actions
Establishing Action Hotspots
Working with Agents
Investigating Agents
Creating Agents
Securing Applications
Exploring Database Access
Implementing Roles
Using Readers and Authors Fields
Controlling Access for Anonymous Users
Deploying Applications

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