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Learn how to tell compelling stories across multiple platforms, like books, films, games and TV, with this free online course.

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18 enero 2017

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Stories are increasingly told across a variety of formats, such as books, comics, events, films, games and TV programmes - a trend known as transmedia storytelling or multiplatform storytelling.

This free online course is designed for anyone studying or working in media or marketing. It will help you understand the transmedia storytelling trend and how to tell compelling stories across multiple platforms.

Over six weeks, we’ll ask:

    • What is transmedia storytelling? And how does it differ from related ideas like media convergence and one source multi use (OSMU)?

    • How do the key elements of character, plot and setting create a memorable story?

    • What can we learn from folklore and traditional narratives?

    • And how is storytelling in the digital age different from previous forms?

Throughout, we’ll look at successful examples of transmedia storytelling - such as The Avengers, The Matrix and Transformers - and put theory into practice, by retelling the popular fable, The Three Little Pigs, in a multiplatform format.

You’ll learn with Daniel H Byun - the film director also known as 변혁.