Teaching Stress Management

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This course is composed of 12 modules available for you to access and review at your own pace. Purchase this course for just £399.
Stress affects both the mind and the body and it impacts the overall health and well being of those around us. Unmanaged stress can lead to an increased risk of both mental and physical problems, therefore teaching others how to manage their stress and how to deal with stressful situations can considerably improve the quality of their life.
This course is designed to share with you techniques you can teach others so that they can benefit from healthy ways in which they can manage their stress and avoid the negative consequences of stress

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Stress Management
Quality Training
IT Management
Relaxation Techniques


Module one Assess your stress

This initial module will focus on teaching you how to communicate with your client or employee and how to help them assess stress. You will also learn how to help them identify the stress triggers so that they can be better equipped and prepared to deal with change and stressful outcomes.

  • Recommended study time: 3-4 hours

Module Four Attitude

How you do anything is how you do everything! Understanding and reviewing your attitude towards different situations will help reduce your stress levels as you will learn how to change your response to the situations in your life.

  • Recommended study time: 3-4 hours

module Eight Relaxation techniques

Relaxation techniques are extremely useful techniques that you can teach others to use to help reduce their stress, relax and enjoy life! Teaching others these techniques will help them improve their coping skills and in the long run the quality of life.

  • Recommended study time:3-4 hours