Teaching Self-Confidence

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This course is composed of 14 modules available for you to access and review at your own pace.

Purchase this course for just £299. Whilst a lot of us struggle with self confidence, finding that right person to help us deal with such a personal matter, is quite important. This course is designed to help you reach your audience, teach you how to form a bond whilst still remaining impartial, as well as life lessons for continued confidence. You will learn techniques and get access to resources to help gain new clients, get referrals and start your business as a personal coach in confidence.

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This course is designed for people who have an innate desire to help others and do good. It's about people who have a passion in helping others get better and stronger and more empowered.You will learn all about creating that important connection with your client, as well as tips and techniques on how to attract more clients and referrals and expand your business successfully.


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Life Coaching
Counselling Psychology
Negotiation Skills
Influencing Skills
Persuasion Skills
Coaching Skills
Confidence Training
Gain Confidence


Module one Coaching others

This module will give you an introduction into the world of coaching others. You will learn the key principles of coaching and find out more about the skills required to being an effective coach. You will discover the tools needed to build rapport with your client and you will learn about the importance of creating a relationship with your client that is based on strong values of trust and honesty.

  • Recommended study time: 1-2 hours

Module Three The Art of Successful Coaching

This is the first module of three all about teaching you how to be a successful coach. You will learn about the impact of low self-confidence and gain new skills on how to address the issue. Learn more about helping your clients set positive goals and find out more about using positive feedback to help them achieve their goals. These modules will also look at showing you new methods to help you further interact with your clients and how to deepen that relationship, so that the client feels secure and as such fully trusts your methodology.

  • Recommended study time: 1-2 hours

module twelve Building a successful business

This module is about helping you transform your skill into a business. You will learn all about new marketing techniques to help you gain new clients, we will look into more details at using powerful social media tools, to help promote you as well as tips and techniques on how to gain more referrals from your already existing customers.

  • Recommended study time: 1-2 hours