Sustainable Forest Management BSc

University of the Highlands and Islands
En Inverness (Escocia)

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The BSc Sustainable Forest Management degree is a highly practical course that will give you all the skills and knowledge you need to become a successful forest or arboriculture manager.

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15 septiembre 2016
1 Inverness Campus, IV2 5NA, Highlands and Islands, Escocia
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IT Management
Skills and Training


Year 1 - HNC Core modules for both strands include: Forest science  Employment health and safety legislation for the land-based Industries Woodland nursery production Information technology Software applications Management of woodland operations Woody plant biology Modules studied in Forest Conservation strand:  Communication: practical skills Establishment of woodlands Forest harvesting Forest mensuration and thinning control Work programming for forestry operations Timber sales and transportation Forestry: land measurement Silvicultural systems Arboricultural operations Modules studied in Arboriculture and Urban Forestry strand: Arboriculture practice Amenity tree management Urban forests, woodland and green Space Selection and management of machinery Soil management Supervision practice Year 3 - BSc Core modules for both strands:  Ecology and management of native broadleaved woodlands Landscape design and land management Forestry for people: policy and practice Managing biodiversity in upland woodlands Environmental impact assessment Sustainable land management Environmental economics Climate change Modules studied in Arboriculture and Urban Forestry:    Wood technology for amenity trees Planning in arboriculture management Year 2 - HND Core modules for both strands include: Forestry in Europe Use of computers in forest management Forest design Forest policy and law Woodland ecology Forestry and other land use Getting started in business Modules studied in Forest Conservation: Forestry: operational control Forest planning and management Forest protection Forest industries: market evaluation Financial control of forest enterprises Woodland conservation Forest investment, appraisal, and valuation Forest recreation Urban forests, woodlands and green space Alternative forest produce Modules studied in Arboriculture and Urban Forestry: Managing sites for nature biodiversity Establishment of woodlands Forestry: land measurement Job costing and business calculations Business planning