Superintensive Course of Spanish Language

Colegio Delibes
En Salamanca (España)

450 € - ($ 7.594)
IVA inc.

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  • Curso
  • Beginner
  • Salamanca (España)
  • 30 horas de clase
  • Duración:
  • Cuándo:
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1st and 2nd hours: Grammar (Course A)

3rd and 4th hours: Conversation (Course A)

5th hour: There are four options:

Culture (Course B)
Literature (Course C)
Conversation (Course D)
Translation (Course E)
6th hour:

Monday: Colloquial conversation
Tuesday: Short writing exercises
Wednesday: Commentary of texts
Thursday: Formal conversation
Friday: Spanish cooking

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Avenida de Italia, 21, 37007, Salamanca, España
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Advanced Spanish
Spanish Language
Spanish Conversation
Spanish Grammar
Beginners Spanish
Intermediate Spanish
Spanish Food
Spanish cuisine


TUTORIALS (FREE) When a student cannot follow the learning path of his/her classmates or he/she hasn’t understood correctly a topic of the course, the teacher will schedule an extra class with new explanations and exercises. The objective of these tutorials is that all groups follow the same learning path and so they are really intensive for everyone. 

LECTURES (FREE) Each week from, 11:00 to 12:00 pm and from 17:00 to 18:00 pm, lectures offered: Mondays, “Regions of Spain”; Tuesdays, “Traditions and Legends of Spain”; Wednesdays, “Spanish History”; Thursdays, “Spanish Art”. These lectures introduce the student to Spanish tradition through our history, arts, and literature, thus helping the students to have a better understanding of our current society. 

DIPLOMA (FREE) At the end of each course, students will take an exam which, along with a progress report from their instructor, will help to determine if the student has obtained the skills to pass onto the next level and to receive a certificate of course completion. Regardless of course completion, every student will receive a certificate of attendance. In order to obtain any of the certificates mentioned above, or also to be able to advance to the next level, it is compulsory to have attended a minimum of 90% of the classes. Students who start at the college after the first week of the month may join a course which has already started at their corresponding level. Note: The start date of each level (the first Monday of each month), is indicated in the registration form

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