Super Intensive Spanish Course in Madrid

Don Quijote
En Madrid (España)

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  • Curso intensivo
  • Beginner
  • Madrid (España)
  • 35 horas de clase
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The don Quijote Spanish school facilities are housed in the lower 3 floors of a historic building and are spread throughout 1,800 square meters. The building was renovated to provide the most modern amenities but still retains the charm of its typical Madrileño architecture. Thirty-eight classrooms fill 1,300 square meters of the school building. The school also offers 500 square meters of common areas, including a comfortable seating area to relax between classes or to chat with friends while enjoying a drink or snack from the school's many vending machines. A state-of-the-art computer room offers you easy and free internet access at any of our 20 computer stations, or you can simply log onto the school's free Wi-Fi network if you have your own laptop.

A fully-equipped academic center housed in a vintage building, don Quijote Madrid combines all the facilities of a modern school with the grace and charm of its historic architecture. In short, you will enjoy a school that is not only functional, but also a comfortable and beautiful place to learn Spanish in Madrid.

don Quijote Facilities in Madrid

38 fully-equipped classrooms
6 bathrooms, including one specially equipped for disabled students
Background music
Central heating and air conditioning
Wi-Fi access from all points of the building
A computer room with stations for 20 people
Facilities fully adapted for disabled students and visitors
A refreshment area, security cameras and a speaker system
Two conference rooms accommodating 100 and 70 guests, respectively
Fully-equipped lounge with study area and library, TV, stereo, DVD ...

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¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

The Super Intensive Spanish course is designed for students who really want to learn as much as possible and achieve fluency during their time abroad. The course combines the thoroughness of an Intensive Spanish course with the sheer communicative practice offered in the Spanish conversation course.

This complete Spanish course covers everything from Spanish grammar and theory to conversation, providing a truly integral learning experience. The course is taught using an interactive teaching method which incorporates practical situations and encourages constant practice by the students. This course is recommended for serious students with an intermediate Spanish level or higher who want to make the most of their time abroad to achieve fluency in Spanish.

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Dónde se enseña y en qué fechas

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Calle Duque de Liria, 6, 28015, Madrid, España
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Advanced Spanish
Intensive Spanish
Spanish Language
Spanish Conversation
Spanish Grammar
Beginners Spanish
Intermediate Spanish
Spanish Food
Spanish cuisine


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