Quality Management for Healthcare Reform (Intensive Full-Time) London

HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute
En Central London (Inglaterra)

£ 38.000 - ($ 779.259)

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  • Short course
  • Intermediate
  • Central london (Inglaterra)
  • 360 horas de clase
  • Duración:
    3 Months
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This Course is Designed For:
Quality Managers in the Health and Medical Sectors
Medical Staff Services Professionals
Medical Staff Officers
Healthcare Managers
Quality Management Professionals
Managed Care Professionals
Administrative Support Professionals in the Health and Medical Sector
Healthcare Workers
Business Consultants

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Requisitos: Degree or Relevant Work Experience


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Central London
Carburton Street, W1W 5EE, London, Inglaterra
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Performance Management
Quality Improvement
ISO 9000
Quality Assurance
Care Management
Full Time
Medical training
Process Control
Quality management
Quality Training
IT Development
IT Management
Statistical Process Control
Quality control
Operational Control System
Kanban System
Clinical Processes
Quality Management in Healthcare
Materials Requirement Planning
Healthcare Delivery Systems
Continuous Quality Improvement
Healthcare System Integration
Customer-Driven Management
Tools for Quality Improvement
Quality Measurement
Clinical Integration
Healthcare Organisations


Limited Contents, Concepts and Issues:

Module 1-4: Quality Assurance and Quality Control Incorporating ISO 9000Quality: A DefinitionClients’ Quality ConsciousnessThe Law and Development of Quality AssuranceUsing Quality As A Tool To:Create a Positive Organisational ImageLower Operational CostsReduce or Avert Product or Service Liability LitigationModern Control SystemsManagement Information SystemComputerised Information SystemsInformation SpeedInformation RetrievalManagement Accounting SystemThe Import- Conversion –Export ProcessThe Import ProcessThe Conversion ProcessThe Export ProcessOperational Control SystemService OperationProcess SchedulingLoadingSequencingDetailed SchedulingInventory ControlCost ControlQuality ControlControlling Utilisation of Organisational ResourcesCo-Ordaining As a Control Mechanism

ISO 9000: An OverviewEssential of ISO 9000
Understanding ISO 900 Family of StandardsISO 9000 and the Need for:ISO Quality PrinciplesUsing the PrinciplesThe ISO 9001 RequirementsThe Basic Management RequirementsThe Basic Assurance RequirementsISO 9001 and the EU DirectivesManaging Quality AchievementFreedom for Defects or DeficienciesQuality and Conformity to Requirements or SpecificationFitness for UseFitness for PurposeSustained SatisfactionSatisfactory and Unsatisfactory QualityAttainment Levels of QualityProduct and Services: ClassifiedQuality and PriceQuality and CostQuality and DesignQuality, Reliability and SafetyQuality CharacteristicsDimensions of Quality

Modules 5-8: Quality Management in Health Care

The Underlying Principles for Quality Management in Healthcare
  • Introduction
  • Changing Healthcare Environment
  • Development of Quality Improvement in Healthcare
  • Integrated Healthcare Delivery Systems
  • Balance between Quality and Access
  • Industrial vs. Healthcare Quality
  • Problems, Challenges and Quality Issues in Healthcare
Group Practices in Healthcare Quality Improvement
  • Introduction
  • The Concept of Teamwork
  • The Functions of Teams in Organisations
  • Group Processes Techniques
  • Team Building Approaches
  • Teamwork towards Higher Quality
Process Orientation in Healthcare
  • Introduction
  • Process Analysis Tools
  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Continuous Quality Improvement
  • Relationship of Quality Assurance Approaches
  • Data Requirements in Quality
Statistical Process Control
  • Introduction
  • Data Analysis Models
  • Process Problems and Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Statistical Basis of Statistical Process Control (SPC)
Statistical Process Control Approaches
  • Introduction
  • Overview of Data Types
  • Charts for Categorical Attributes
  • Analysis of Variables Data
  • Run Testing In Control Charts
  • The Power of Control Charts
Advanced Statistical Process Control
  • Introduction
  • Utilising the Control Chart Selection Diagram
Advanced Statistical Applications in Continuous Quality Improvement
  • Introduction
  • Discrete Distributions
  • Statistical Inference
  • Regression Analysis
  • Analysis of Means
  • Design of Experiments
  • Sources of Data for Quality Improvement
Clinical Processes
  • Introduction
  • Development of Clinical Practice Guidelines in Healthcare
  • Use of Clinical Practice Guidelines in Healthcare
  • Developing Clinical Practice Guidelines
Strategic Quality Improvement Implementation
  • Introduction
  • Deming’s 14 Principles Applied to Healthcare
  • Approaches to Implementation
  • Phases of Organisational Change
  • Institutionalisation of Change
  • Balanced Scorecard Approach to Quality Improvement
  • Quality Improvement Implementation in Complex Organisations
Care Management
  • Introduction
  • Care Management: A Contemporary Approach
  • Care Management: A Theoretical Framework
  • Key Elements of Care Management Programme
  • Evolution of Care Management Programme
  • Financial Analysis of Care Management Programme
  • Provider Involvement in Care Management
  • Partnerships within the Industry
  • Future of Care Management
Legal and Regulatory Issues in Quality Improvement
  • Introduction
  • Federal Legislation and Regulation
  • The NCQA
  • Utilisation Review Accreditation Commission
  • Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organisations
  • Foundations for Accountability
  • Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award
  • International Organisation for Standardisation 9000
  • Quality Improvement and Risk Reduction
  • Regulatory Agencies and the Growth of Quality Improvement in Healthcare
Continuous Quality Improvement in Healthcare
  • Introduction
  • Improved Information Management
  • Healthcare System Integration
  • Consumerism
  • Education
  • Federal and State Government Programmes Emphasis on Quality
  • Quality Philosophy
  • Quality Improvement
Modules 9-12: Utilising ISO 9000 in Healthcare for Quality Systems, Performance Improvement, Clinical Integration and Accreditation

Understanding the Quality Management Systems in Health Care
  • The Process Approach
  • Building the System
  • Managing the Key Processes
  • Improving the Key Processes
  • The Quality Management System
  • The Value of Quality Management System
  • Other Features of Quality Management System
The Quality Manager
  • Key Roles of the Quality Manager
  • Attributes of the Quality Manager
  • Attitudes and Abilities for Quality Management
  • Key Skills for Quality Management
Customer-Driven Management
  • Specifications for Management Model
  • Customer Driven Management: A Continuous Improvement Process
ISO Family of Standards
  • Background
  • Principles for Healthcare
  • Individual Standards
  • Customer Focus
Establishing a Quality Management System: Aspects
  • Employing a Registrar
  • Management/Leadership Commitment
  • Creating a Quality Policy, Manual and Objectives
  • Identifying and Mapping Key Processes
  • Developing a Controlled Document System
  • Writing Procedures
  • Auditing
  • Staff and Physician Involvement and Education
Integrating Quality Tools and Techniques into an ISO Quality Management System
  • ISO and Other Systems
  • Incorporating Tools for Quality Improvement
  • Process Mapping
  • Flow Chart
  • Fishbone (Cause-and-Effect) Diagram
  • Brainstorming and Affinity Diagram
  • Pareto Chart
  • Histogram
  • Bar Chart
  • Scattered Diagram
  • Statistical Control Chart
  • The Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award
  • Methods for Quality Improvement
  • Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) Methodology
  • Lean
  • Six Sigma

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