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    365 Days

The ultimate make-up application training course is a professionally designed intensive course and it will provide you with a solid platform from which to build your confidence and skills.

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Requisitos: This training is suitable for all ages and all level of experience.


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Be able to prepare for make-up The learner can: 1.1 State the factors that could influence the choice of basic make-up products and techniques. 1.2 State the importance of the preparation procedures for applying basic make-up. 1.3 Prepare for applying basic make-up. 1.4 Select products, tools and equipment. 1.5 State how and when to use products, tools and equipment for basic make-up. Be able to carry out make-up The learner can: 2.1 State basic skin types 2.2 State the basic structure and function of the skin 2.3 State the bone structure of the face 2.4 Prepare the face 2.5 Apply basic make-up products 2.6 Remove basic make-up 2.7 Follow safe and hygienic working practices 2.8 Communicate and behave in a professional manner Further you will learn following in details; ü Getting started as a makeup artist. ü The role of the makeup professional. ü Building a professional makeup kit. ü Understanding basic lighting. ü Basic facial anatomy, Colour theory. ü Professional products, brushes, tools and equipment. ü The art of perfect skin and skincare. ü Highlighting and contouring, Foundations, Concealers. ü Eyebrow definition and grooming, Understanding different eye-shapes ü Eye makeup; eye shadows, eyeliners, mascaras, false eyelash application. ü Cheek/blush and colour application, working with pigments. ü Precise lipstick application, Colour mixing and experimentation. ü Blending techniques. ü Looks including; corrective, day, evening and special occasion. ü Adapting techniques and colours for different skin tones, Client aftercare.

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This is for the people who are looking to be a Makeup Consultant/ Makeup Artist/ Beauty and Bridal Makeup artist. This pack is suitable for learners aged pre-16 and above. There is no experience or previous qualifications required for enrolment on this course. It is available to all students, of all academic backgrounds.