Principles of Human Rights

HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute
En Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ()

£ 8.000 - ($ 156.945)

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  • Duración:
    10 Days

Suitable for: Human Rights Officers, Humanitarian Officers, Armed Forces Officers, Heads of Forces of Occupation, Humanitarian Lawyers, United Nations Officials, Embassy Officials, High Commission Officers, Officers of Statutory Human Rights Organisations, Officers of Non-Governmental Humanitarian Organisations, Human Rights Lawyers, International Relations Specialists, Legal Practitioners, Legal Professionals, Lawyers, Law Students, Human Rights Lecturers and Tutors, Humanitarian Lecturers and Tutors, Law Graduates, Diplomats, Ambassadors, Political Science Graduates, Political Science Professors

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Requisitos: Degree or Work Experience


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IT Law
Human Rights
Human Rights Law
Political Science


Limited Contents:

Human Rights Historical Background

  • Origin of Human Rights
  • Classification of Human Rights
  • The Evolution of the Human Rights Law
  • Adoption of the UN Charter
  • From Declaration to Convention
  • Steps in the Evolution of Convention
  • The US Ratification Process
  • Reporting and Monitoring

General Principles

  • Human Rights of Individual in International Law
  • Themes in the International Human Rights Law
  • Universalism and Regionalism
  • Interdependence of Human Rights
  • The Scope of Human Rights Law – Individual and Group Rights
  • The Public/Private Divide in Human Rights Law
  • The Sui Generis Character of the International Rights Law
  • The Role of International Law (Law of Nations)
  • The Law of Aliens
  • Diplomatic Laws
  • The Laws of War – International Humanitarian Law
  • The Core International Human Rights Instruments