Postgraduate in Interior Space Design. Private Perimeters

ELISAVA Escuela Superior de Diseño e Ingeniería de Barcelona
En Barcelona (España)

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  • Postgraduate
  • Barcelona (España)
  • Duración:
    5 Months
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The Postgraduate Diploma in Interior Design, Private Perimeters has a history dating back over more than 10 years. Over 650 students from around the world had participated up to date. All of them support a program whose main objective is the promotion of creativity and innovation in the design, combined with a reflective and critical attitude by the student, offering professional preparation and an introduction to research.

The Postgraduate programme supports and promotes the impulse of a "divergent thinking", which means the ability to respond in different ways to the same question. Through theoretical reflections the students gain new knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of current settings. They apply this acquired knowledge in the project that they will develop during the program.

This interior design project is the core programme of the course while other assignments explore and open-up themes relevant to other professional field.

The project is based on the design of a private domestic space in a specific context, taking into account all the elements necessary for its development, the level of living conditions, lighting, furniture, materials and finishes, sustainable aspects, the construction and production processes as well as visualization and communication of the project.

Students will learn about their active and proactive role as a designer within the interactive processes in which other professionals are involved and they will get to know the complexity of production systems and building techniques.

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¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

To delve into specific production features of the different modalities in design regarding the space students design.
To meet the requirements of domestic cells.
To assimilate the emerging social and cultural values. This is the base of the implementation criteria through the disciplines involved: Economy, Sociology, Antropology, and their influence in the project’s process.
To creatively apply the knowledge regarding design.
To evaluate the influence of new technologies when conditioning a physical space.


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Barcelona, España
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¿Qué aprendés en este curso?

Interior Architecture
Air conditioning
Furniture Design
Interior Decorating
Interior Design
Interior Lighting
Space Design
Ventilation and gas
Kitchen design
Minimal space


  • •Selection of materials and their application systems for an interior space.
  • •Knowledge of technical, practical and aesthetic functions.
  • •Field trip to Materfad the materioteca of the FAD (Fostering Arts and Design) to learn about innovative materials and production.
  • •Sustainable materials, products and systems for the health and air quality in an interior space.
  • •Implementation of installations in the domestic interior design project.
  • •Plumbing and sewer system.
  • •Electrical installation and Lighting
  • •Ventilation and gas.
  • •Heating and air conditioning.
  • •Home automation and telecommunications.
  • •Energy efficient installations
MODULE OF THE INTERIOR DESIGN PROJECTWORKSHOPSWith an active participation of the students the several workshops integrated within the course promote a conceptual and experimental approach to design through a hands-on learning method.It usually begins with a presentation to provide the theoretical foundation that aims to deepen the comprehension of a specific subject. During the workshop, students will develop an intense quick draft resolution or a physical object.
  • •Kitchen design.
  • •Furniture design.
  • •Minimal space.
  • •Digital Design and Fabrication.