Master di I Livello in Alta Moda, Fashion Design

Accademia di Costume e di Moda
En Roma (Italia)

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  • Master
  • Roma (Italia)
  • Duración:
    1 Año
  • Cuándo:
    Noviembre 2017
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This full time Master’s Course in Alta Moda, Fashion Design is designed for graduates who want to complete
and/or deepen their skills, cultural and professional training in this high-end unique sector of the fashion industry,
from research, experimentation, new innovative design through to implementation.

It’s a journey of intensive theoretical and practical studies involving in-depth research, experimental workshops,
learning through the study of couture techniques, applications for artistic and cultural preparation time to
acquire organizational skills in design projects.

Students analyse technically, historically and from a sociological view how Alta Moda / Couture has strongly
influenced fashion across a variety of market sectors and how it is being transformed today. This analysis
also takes on a practical form through workshops and project work.

Información importante
¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

At the end of this course successful students will have a portfolio
of design work backed up with experimentations and final garments in order to support interviews with
enabling access to their chosen career.

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inicio Ubicación
via della Rondinella, 2, 00186, Roma, Italia
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¿Qué aprendés en este curso?

Escaparatismo de moda
Dirección de empresas de moda
Modelo de pasarela
Marcas de moda
Producción de moda
Teoría del color
Fashion design
Haute Couture


Theoretical and technical areas: 
History & Semiotics of Alta Moda & Couture 
Luxury Specialist Fabrics (& their properties) 
Computer Technology 

Technical and scientific areas: 
The Fashion System of Alta Moda & Couture 
Marketing and Management 
Project Management 

Technical and operational areas: 
Practical Analysis of Couture and Trends 
Alta Moda 3D Design and Draping Workshops 
Luxury Fashion Trends & Beyond trend 
Embellishment Experimentation
Design & Realization 
Fashion Visual Communication 

Project Work: 
Creation of a capsule collection