Intensive Course in Business Administration

BWL Institut und Seminar Basel AG
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  • Especialidad
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  • Basel (Suiza)
  • Duración:
    12 Meses

Our main objective is the practice-oriented, compact and systematic advancement of knowledge in business economics. Participants learn how to apply their newly gained skills in practice for the benefit of their company.
Dirigido a: The Intensive Course in Business Administration is tailored to the requirements of both senior and junior executives who wish to acquire comprehensive skills in business administration to complement the expert knowledge they already possess

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4051, Basel Stadt, Suiza
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· Requisitos

The following admissions requirements for the Intensive Courses in Business Administration apply: * completed graduate study at a university * or completed technical professional * or commercial apprenticeship * as well as 3 years of professional experience



  • Module 1: Introduction to Business Administration

  • Module 2: Accounting I: Balance and P&L

  • Module 3: Accounting II: Cost and Output Accounting System

  • Module 4: Controlling

  • Module 5: Marketing

  • Module 6: Finance

  • Module 7: Investment Analysis

  • Module 8: Management Studies I: Leadership and Organisation

  • Module 9: Management Studies II: Strategic Management

  • Module 10: Economics

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