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Entry requirements & Prerequisites This major is available through more than one course, both of which have their own separate entry requirements. You can read more on the the Bachelor of Science & Bachelor of Science Extended pages.
Available through the Bachelor of Science & Bachelor of Science Extended

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Interested in understanding the evolution of our planet? Ever wondered how the earth works?

Geology concerns the solid Earth, in particular the rocks and their constituent minerals and fossils. The geological record of rocks, formed over much of the Earth’s 4500-million-year-old history, are the raw materials of geology. The study and interpretation of the geological record is of paramount importance in the search for natural resources like gold, coal, oil, groundwater and rock material used for construction work.

This major will integrate knowledge from a range of disciplines from field-based studies to more theoretical aspects of rocks, minerals and their behaviour during Earth processes. You will learn how the planet functions and be equipped to undertake fundamental research into geological processes, such as ore deposit formation and the environment.


There is always strong demand for our Geology major graduates in the petroleum, mineral and environmental industries. As the need for resources grows, it is likely that this demand will increase, providing geologists with very good job prospects.

A Geology major can be your springboard to enter an employment or research in areas where an understanding of how the planet functions is required. This includes fundamental research into geological processes such as ore deposit formation and the environment.