Poser 8 & Poser Pro 2010 Video Tutorial Course

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• Format: DVD-ROM
• Duration: 13 Hours (240 lessons)
• Instructor: Steve Pubrick
• Platform: Windows PC or Mac


In this Poser training video for Poser 8 and Poser Pro 2010, Steve Purbrick takes you through the ins and outs of learning how to use this powerful program. Poser 8 is the latest offering from Smith Micro, and in addition to learning this powerful program, Steve will teach you about specific Poser Pro 2010 functions as well.

This Poser 8 - Pro 2010 Tutorial starts at the basics, with a tour interface, but quickly gets into applied learning, covering important topics from working with the various pallets offered in Poser, posing figures, growing hair, clothing your figures, working with props, animating figures, rendering and even goes into using Python scripting with Poser.

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Requisitos: This is a DVD Video Tutorial Course which is shipped to you. Work through the video tutorials at your own pace. If you have the software you can practice along with the instructor using the same exercise files as the instructor which are included on the DVD. The narrated training videos demonstrate the key tools and professional techniques helping you to work faster and smarter. All the concepts of each application are explained clearly and precisely. The DVD works on PC and Mac. You can jump to and from lessons and work at your own pace.


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Poser 8
Poser Pro
Editing Props



What's New In Poser 8

Poser Pro 2010 New Features

Installing Poser 8 Content Libraries

Poser Interface


Document Styles

Camera Controls

More Camera Details - Changing Scale And Focal Length

Camera Presets

Light Controls

Loading Light And Camera Settings From The Library

UI Dots - Saving Camera And Pose


Handling Viewports

Poser Rooms


Start Poser And Organize The Interface Controls

Control Cameras

Control Lights

Change The Display Style

Change Viewport Layout And Tracking Mode

Change The Document Window Size

Configure And Save The Interface

Save Interface Layouts

Change Display Units

Access Poser Help

The Editing Tools

Moving And Changing Figure Elements

Using The Chain Break Tool

View Magnifier Tool

Grouping Tool

Morph Tools

Direct Manipulation Tool

Magnet Deformers

Wave Deformers

Editing And Posing Exercise

Position A Figure Within A Scene

Memorize And Restore The Figure Position

Name Figures

Select And Hide Elements

Editing Tools

Using The Direct Manipulation Tool

Using Parameter Dials

Changing Unique Parameters

Create A Parameter Group

New Library - Working With Content

Opening The Library Palette

Floating And Navigating The Library Palette

Switching Between Libraries

Searching For Content

Setting Library Preferences

Creating New Runtime Folders

Adding To And Removing Content From The Library

Create A Custom Library Thumbnail

Install Using New Poser 8 Library Features

Install Using Built-in Python Scripts

Library Exercise - Trying What You've Learnt

Open And Unlock The Library Palette

Search The Library

Load Content From The Library

Load Light And Camera Settings From The Library

Create A New Library

Add A Figure To The Library

Create A Custom Library Thumbnail

Rename Library Content

Create Favorites

The Pose Room - Posing Figures

Moving And Changing Figure Elements

Using Parameter Dials

Using Symmetry, Limits, Balance And Inverse Kinematics

Animated Poses

Opening The Hierarchy Editor

Hiding Items

Pose Room Exercise

Replace The Current Figure With A New Figure


Inverse Kinematics

Using The Chain Break Tool

Use The Hierarchy Editor To Hide Elements

Set A Figure's Parents

Adding A Figure Pose To The Library

Dealing With Props

Using Props From The Library

Loading External Props

Adding Props To The Library

Using The Editing Tools On Props

Using The Parameter Dials

Dropping Props To The Floor

Setting A Prop's Parents In The Hierarchy Editor

Replacing An Element With A Prop - Disabling The Bend Option

Loading Prop Hair

Loading Library Prop Clothes

Loading Library Conforming Clothes

Optimizing External Props For Use In Poser

Import Props

Select And Position Props - Duplicating Props

Attach A Prop To A Figure Element

Make A Figure Element Point At A Prop

Conform Clothes To A Figure

Animating Characters

Animate Using Only Poses

Opening The Animation Controls

Animation Palette Interface

Viewing And Selecting Keys

Creating And Deleting Keys

Sliding And Copying Keys

Creating A Walk Path

Using The Walk Designer

Using The Animation Graph Interface

Scaling The Graph View

Adding, Moving And Deleting Keys

Changing The Animation Curve's Shape

Animating Visibility

Using Animation Layers

Creating A New Animation Set

Importing Motion Capture Data (BVH Files)

Animating Figures and Scenes

Loading a Background Reference Video

Animate with Keyframes

Looking at the Animation Palette

Previewing the Finished Animation

The Material Room

Using The Shader Window

Selecting Material Groups With The Material Select Tool

The Simple Material Panel

Creating Simple Materials

The Advanced Material Panel

Using Advanced Material Nodes

Using Wacros

Creating Smoothing And Material Groups

Add Atmospheric Effects

Normal Map Support - Loading Normal Maps

Creating And Applying Materials

Access The Shader Window

Load A Material From The Library

Apply Simple Materials

Show A Skeleton Beneath Skin

Use Texture Nodes

Create A Ghost Material

Use A Normal Map

Create A Striped Material

Use A Lighting Node

Add An Image

The Face Room

Learn The Face Room Interface

Create A Face From Photos

Preparing A Face Image For Poser

Using The Photo Lineup Tool

Changing Texture Variations

Using Face Shaping Tools

Add The Face To The Figure

Create A Random Face

Face Room Exercise - Making A Digital Double

Create A REAL Face From Custom Photos

Add Texture Variation

Using Face Shaping

Face Shaping/Supplement

Save, Edit And Load A Face Texture Map

The Hair Room

Learn The Hair Room Interface

Growing And Styling Hair

Using Hair Dynamics

Changing Hair Material

Adding Hair

Making A Beard

Creating A Hair Growth Group

Create Guide Hairs

Use The Hairstyle Parameters

Use The Hairstyle Tool

Calculate Hair Dynamics

Create Carpet Or Grass

The Cloth Room

Understanding Cloth

Create Cloth Simulation

Create Cloth Groups

Simulate Cloth Dynamics

Dynamic Cloth

Create A New Simulation

Create Cloth

Using Existing Dynamic Dress Prop

Create Cloth Groups

Converting Conforming Clothes To Dynamic

Calculate A Simulation

The Setup Room

The Setup Room

Making A Prop Into A Figure

Access And Edit Existing Bone Structure

Create And Name Bones

Group Body Parts

Use Inverse Kinematics

Using The Joint Editor - Better Rigging

Rigging Bones In A New Figure

Figure Doesn't Have To Be A Human Figure

Edit An Existing Set Of Bones

Load A Skeleton

Create A New Skeleton

Group Body Parts

Create An IK Chain

Breaking The Parent-Child Relationship

Editing Joint Parameters

Define Falloff Zones

Edit Parameter Dials

Make Bulging Muscles

The Content Room

Access Content Paradise

Loading Custom Content Via The Content Room And Using Custom Installers

Mac File Structure - Managing Files

Windows File Structure - Managing Files

Working With Content Files

Load And Save A Scene File

Import A D Object

Export A Figure - Lesson 1

Export A Figure - Lesson 2

Add New Content

Searching Content Paradise

Facial Expressions And Animation

Using Expressions

Loading Expressions From The Library

Creating A Custom Expression

Using The Talk Designer Interface

Working With Sounds

Facial Expression And Lip Synching

Load An Expression From The Library

Save An Expression To The Library

Animate A Figure Talking

Add And Sync A Sound File

Rendering Scenes And Outputting From Poser

Render Images

Render Panel Controls

Access Render Settings

Using The Sketch Designer

Render Animations

Using Rendering Effects

Render In Background (POSER PRO 2010)

64-Bit Render Engine (POSER PRO 2010)

Network Render Queue (POSER PRO 2010)

HDRI (High Dynamic Range Image) Export (POSER PRO 2010)

Exporting BVH Motion Capture Data

Tone Mapping And Exposure Control

Gamma Correction/Linear Rendering (POSER PRO 2010)


Rendering An Image

Compare Images

Set Render Dimensions

Render Images In Selected Document Style

Handling Render Settings

Make A Movie Using Best Quality Settings For Video

Make A Flash Movie

Using Poser With Other D Software

Using Poser With Other Smith Micro Products - Lesson 1

Using Poser With Other Smith Micro Products - Lesson 2

Using Poser With Other Smith Micro Products - Lesson 3

COLLADA Import/Export - Lesson 1 (POSER PRO 2010)

COLLADA Import/Export - Lesson 2 (POSER PRO 2010)

Poser Fusion Hosting Plugins (POSER PRO 2010)

Using Poser With Other Software

Opening Poser Images In Photoshop

Retouching Images - Post Work

Fixing Holes And Poke-through

Filtering Images To Give A Unique Look

Using Python Scripts

Accessing Pre-built Scripts

Using Wardrobe Wizard

Edit Python Scripts

Python Script

Install rd Party Script

Run Python Script - Render Results

Python Scripts Palette

Run Wardrobe Wizard And Convert And Inflate Clothes

Open A Script For Editing

About The Tutor

Poser Tutor Details

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