PG Diploma in Infectious Diseases

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Infectious Diseases (ID) remain one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality globally. Infectious Diseases including measles, malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS continue to contribute significantly to the global burden and remain leading causes of death across the world. In addition, hospital based infections and antibiotic resistance are ongoing challenges. A multidisciplinary approach is needed to understand the requirements for infectious disease control.

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¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

PG Diploma in Infectious Diseases is designed for clinicians with an interest in management and control of infectious diseases, who would like to improve their skills and enhance their knowledge to support implementation of Infectious Disease programs.

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The course aims to enable understudies to grasp : The broad understanding of the principles of infectious disease epidemiology and control;
An understanding of the purpose of surveillance and key features of an effective surveillance system;
An understanding of the investigation techniques in an outbreak and identifying the most appropriate control and prevention approaches;
An understanding about the pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical infectious disease control measures;
An understanding of the challenges in Infectious Diseases with a particular focus on emerging infections;
A deeper understanding of the individual disease dynamics and control activities.

Requisitos: MBBS graduates Post Graduates in any Medical specialty (Allopathy)


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Pharmacy Technician
Infectious diseases
Infection Control Program


Module - 1 you can find 15 topics which is 1.Introduction to infectious diseases and epidemiology, 2.Surveillance of infectious diseases, 3.Outbreak investigation, Module - 2 you can find 2 topics 1.Pharmacological interventions for infectious disease control, 2.Non pharmacological interventions for infectious disease control, Module - 3 you can find 2 topics 1.Introduction of vaccines and vaccine preventable diseases, 2.Current challenges to infectious diseases control, in Module - 4 you can find 2 topics 1.Sexually transmitted infections, 2.HIV, Module - 5 you can find 1 topics 1.Influenza, Module - 6 you can find 1 topics 1.Tuberculosis, Module - 7 you can find 1 topics 1.Hepatitis A, B, C, D, E, , Module - 8 you can find 2 topics 1.Vector borne diseases, 2.Food and water borne infections, Module - 9 you can find 1 topics 1.Hospital acquired infections including NDMA, Module - 10 you can find 1 topics 1.Travel associated infections, Module - 11 you can find 1 topics 1.Emerging infectious diseases including polio, rabies, encephalitis, Module - 12 you can find 1 topics 1.Zoonotic infections.

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