PG Certificate in Accident and Emergency Care

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There is rise in emergency cases with increase in complexities of modern life, so the demand for doctors trained in accident and emergency care is expected to rise significantly. No Hospital compromises on its quality of doctors to deal with such Accident and Emergency Services. These departments assess and treat patients with serious injuries or illnesses such as:loss of consciousness, acute confused state and fits that are not stopping, persistent, severe chest pain, breathing difficulties, severe bleeding that cannot be stopped.
This course aims to equip students with the ability to organise the emergency medicines, to manage the cardiac, respiratory and neurologic emergencies.

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Requisitos: The course prepares doctors to manage emergencies across functions and departments.                                


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Emergency Services
Emergency Care
Emergency medicine
Quality Training
IT Management
ENT and Paediatrics emergencies


The course deals with important emergencies in the following areas: 1.Disaster preparedness, 2.Emergencies in cardiac, respiratory and neurologic areas. 3.Management and Organization of Emergency Medicine Department., 4.Dealing with Surgical, Obstetrical, ENT and Paediatrics emergencies., 5.Management of shock burns., 6.Management of environmental emergencies., 7.Anesthesia and mechanical ventilation.
Disaster preparedness, Emergencies in cardiac, respiratory, neurologic areas,Management and Organization of Emergency Medicine Department, Dealing with Surgical, Obstetrical, ENT and Paediatrics emergencies, Management of shock burns, Management of environmental emergencies, Anesthesia and mechanical ventilation.
You can also pay in installments but in installment fee would be increased only in() not in () 40000 (875) there are 2 installment 1st is 25000 (438) and 2nd is 15000 (437).

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The course prepares doctors to manage emergencies across functions and departments.