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• Format: DVD or Download
• Duration: 10 Hours (106 lessons)
• Instructor: Erin Olsen
• Platform: Windows PC or Mac
• Date Released 10-03-2013


In this Microsoft Outlook 2013 training course expert Erin Olsen will teach you how to utilize all that this program has to offer. More than just simple email software, Outlook 2013 is a full messaging solution for all your needs, offering calendars, contact lists, tasks and more! Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.

Your introduction to Microsoft Outlook starts with the absolute basics - setting up your email accounts. Erin walks you through each task step by step, ensuring that you understand each operation before moving on to the next.

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Requisitos: This is a DVD Video Tutorial Course which is shipped to you. Work through the video tutorials at your own pace. If you have the software you can practice along with the instructor using the same exercise files as the instructor which are included on the DVD. The narrated training videos demonstrate the key tools and professional techniques helping you to work faster and smarter. All the concepts of each application are explained clearly and precisely. The DVD works on PC and Mac. You can jump to and from lessons and work at your own pace.


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Email Servers
Customising Emails
Contact List
Organising Emails


01. Introducing Outlook 2013
0101 Getting Excited About Outlook
0102 How To Use The Working Files
0103 What Is Outlook?
0104 Understanding E-Mail
0105 Adding Email Accounts - Part 1: Using The Wizard
0106 Adding Email Accounts - Part 2: IMAMP Enhancements
0107 Adding Email Accounts - Part 3: Using Manual Configuration
0108 Configuring Outlook With Exchange Server Accounts - Part 1
0109 Configuring Outlook With Exchange Server Accounts - Part 2
0110 Understanding Outlook Data Files
0111 Changing The Outlook Background And Theme
0112 Launching Outlook
0113 Navigating Through The Outlook Interface
0114 Accessing And Configuring Outlook Today
0115 Accessing The To-Do Bar
0116 Taking A Look At Outlook Peeks
0117 Getting A Feel For The Inbox
02. Composing Basic E-Mail
0201 Understanding And Setting Email Formats - Part 1
0202 Understanding And Setting Email Formats - Part 2
0203 Addressing Email Using Address Lists
0204 Addressing Mail Using To, Cc, And Bcc
0205 Addressing Email Using Autocomplete
0206 Checking Email Addresses
0207 A Few Words About Subject Lines
0208 Setting Message Importance
0209 Requesting Delivery And Read Receipts
0210 Creating And Adding Signatures
03. Working With Attachments
0301 Using The Attachment Reminder
0302 Adding Attachments To Messages
0303 Resizing Images While Sending Messages
0304 Previewing Attachments
0305 Saving And Removing Attachments
04. Creating Elegant E-Mail
0401 Using Stationery And Themes
0402 Applying Text Styles To Messages
0403 Using Tables To Format Message Layout
0404 Adding Images As Message Content
0405 Creating And Inserting Quick Parts
0406 Extending Message Content Through Hyperlinks
0407 Sending And Responding To Voting Messages
0408 Receiving And Tallying Message Votes
0409 Setting Message Expiration
0410 Delaying Message Delivery
0411 Direct Message Replies To Others
0412 Reviewing Messages
05. Managing Incoming Messages
0501 Controlling Send Receive Options
0502 Managing Inbox Views
0503 Sorting And Grouping Folder Content
0504 Viewing Related Messages As Conversations
0505 Cleaning Up Conversations
0506 Ignoring Conversations
0507 Downloading Embedded Images And Using The Trust Center
0508 Managing Junk Mail - Part 1
0509 Managing Junk Mail - Part 2
0510 Flagging For Follow-Up And Setting Reminders
0511 Replying To And Forwarding Messages
0512 Marking And Viewing Read And Unread Messages
0513 Taking Advantage Of Quick Steps
0514 Tracking Resending And Recalling Sent Messages
0515 Setting Automatic Out Of Office Replies
06. Managing Outlook Folders
0601 Searching Through Outlook
0602 Leveraging Search Folders
0603 Creating Additional Folders
0604 Sorting Outlook Folders
0605 Managing And Moving Messages: Trash It, Flag It, Or File It
0606 Moving Messages Using Rules
0607 Using Folder And Mailbox Cleanup
0608 Working With Deleted Items
0609 Archiving Outlook Items - Part 1
0610 Archiving Outlook Items - Part 2
07. Staying Organized With The Calendar
0701 Using Outlooks Default Calendar Views
0702 Consulting The Weather Bar
0703 Creating Basic Appointments And Events
0704 Setting Appointment Options
0705 Leveraging The Reminders Window
0706 Creating And Managing Recurring Items
0707 Assigning And Customizing Color Categories
0708 Organizing And Scheduling Meetings
0709 Responding To, Managing, Tracking, And Cancelling Meetings
08. Keeping Tabs With The People Hub
0801 Creating Contacts - Part 1
0802 Creating Contacts - Part 2
0803 Editing Contacts And Accessing The Full Contact Window
0804 Customizing And Sending Business Cards
0805 Creating Contact Groups
0806 Linking People From Other Accounts With The Social Connector
0807 Taking Action With Contacts
09. Getting Things Done With Tasks
0901 Creating Tasks And Reviewing To-Do Items
0902 Configuring Recurring Tasks
0903 Assigning Tasks And Sending Progress Reports
0904 Converting Emails To Tasks
0905 Adding Tasks To The Calendar
10. Odds And Ends
1001 Keeping Notes
1002 Creating Custom Views
1003 Printing Outlook Items
1004 Sharing Calendars And Outlook Items
1005 Modifying Default Outlook Options - Part 1
1006 Modifying Default Outlook Options - Part 2
11. Working Remotely And Offline
1101 Enabling Cached Exchange Mode
1102 Downloading The Address Book
1103 Controlling Downloads
1104 Accessing Outlook Via The Web App
12. Using Outlook In The Big Picture
1201 Creating A Word Mail Merge Using Outlook
1202 Emailing Files From Other Office Applications
1203 Connecting SharePoint Calendars To Outlook
1204 The Outlook 2013 Windows 8 Connection
13. About The Author
1301 Closing Words
1302 About The Author