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Oil and Gas Operation for Non Technical Staff – Incorporating Oil and Gas

HRODC Postgraduate Training Institute
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This course focuses on the Oil Industry, from a Non-Technical perspective. It charts the journey of the Petroleum - Oil and Gas – Hydrocarbon, from ‘Access Right’ to the Land or Water is gained, for initial testing, through to the ‘Mineral Rights Acquisition’, Stratigraphic Tests, Drilling and Production of the Oil and Gas. It incorporates the different levels of ‘Interests’ (Working Interest and Non-Working Interest) that prevail and what each means, in contractual terms, for the different players – Mineral Right Owners, Service Providers, Operators and Non-Operators.

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¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

By the conclusion of the specified learning and development activities, delegates will be
able to:
 Be familiar and gain notable understanding on the different oil and gas concepts;
 Determine the importance of 3D and 4D seismic in locating oil and gas reserves;
 Understand the basic of joint venture contract;
 Differentiate upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas industry;
 Identify what constitute horizontal, vertical and full integration activities;
 Know the procedures involved in oil and gas exploration and production;
 Enumerate the different downstream activities;
 Specify the advantages and disadvantages of exploring vertical integration;
 Ascertain the factors favouring horizontal integration;
 Establish the governing policy among the parties in oil well lease;
 Describe the nature of long-term explicit contracts;
 Learn the basic of franchise agreement in the oil and gas sector;
 Realise the importance of joint ventures in the oil and gas exploration and production;
 Explain the rules on co-allocation of facilities;
 Understand the underlying concepts of implicit contract;
 Learn some techniques in conducting geological research and oil exploration;
 Discover the basic of drilling and mining operation;
 Distinguish natural and artificial lifts in the oil and gas production.

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This Course is Designed For:

 Government Ministers;
 Chief Executives;
 Managing Directors;
 Finance Directors and Managers;
 Financial Controllers;
 Chief Accountants;
 Treasury Officers;
 Asset Accountants;
 Joint Venture Accountants;
 Management Accountants;
 Internal and External Auditors;
 Government Regulators;
 Financial Analysts;
 Public Accountants;
 Financial Analyst;
 Engineers and Geologist;
 Drilling & Refinery Managers;
 Marketing & Sales Directors & Managers;
 Others with an interest in the Oil and Gas Industry;
 Oil and Gas Safety Officials.

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¿Qué aprendés en este curso?

Workplace Law
Workstation Safety
Oil and Gas
Gas Safety
Occupation Health
Occupational Health Safety
Safety Management
Gas Engineering
Gas Drilling
Oil Engineering
Oil Exploration
Oil Field
Oil Gas drilling
Oil Well
Oil extraction
Safety and security
Oil Subsector
Safety Regulations
Safety Relief Valves



Course Contents, Concepts and Issues



Part 1 - Upstream Oil and Gas Operation: Discovery, Leasing, Testing and Associated Costs (1)


Ø  Introducing the Oil and Gas Industry;

Ø  Brief History of the U.S. Oil and Gas Industry;

Ø  Origin of Petroleum;

Ø  Anticline;

Ø  Exploration Methods and Procedures;

Ø  3-D Seismic;

Ø  4-D Seismic.

Ø  Acquisition of Mineral Interests in Property (1):

       Mineral Rights;

       Mineral Interests;

      Fee Interests;

      Overriding Royalty Interests (ORI);


Part 2 - Upstream Oil and Gas Operation: Discovery, Leasing, Testing and Associated Costs (2)


Ø  Acquisition of Mineral Interests in Property (12):

      Retained ORI Production Payment Interest (PPI);

      Dutch Carved-Out Production Payment;

      Carved-Out Net Profits Interest Created From Working Interest;

      Net Profits Interest Created From Mineral Interest.

Ø  Oil, Gas and Mineral Lease Provisions:

      Lease Bonuses;

      Royalty Provision;

      Primary Term;

      Delay Rental Payment;

      Shut-In Payment;

      Right To Assign Interest;

      Right To Free Use Of Resources For Lease Operations;

      Option Payment;

      Offset Clause.

Ø  Addressing Problems and Issues Associated with Upstream Oil and Gas Operation.



Part 3: Oil and Gas Drilling Operation (1)


Ø  Oil and Gas Drilling Operations;

Ø  Bottom-Hole Pressure;

Ø  Bottom-Hole Pump;

Ø  Drill String;

Ø  Rat Hole;

Ø  Mouse Hole;

Ø  Drilling Platform;

Ø  Drilling Rig:

·         On-shore Oil Rig;

·         Offshore Oil Rig.


Part 4: Oil and Gas Drilling Operation (2)


Ø  Proved Area;

Ø  Drill Stem Test;

Ø  Derek and Derek Hands;

Ø  Cracking;

Ø  Field;

Ø  Christmas Tree;

Ø  Sedimentary Rock;

Ø  Seismic Exploration;

Ø  Development Well Flowing Well;

Ø  Injection Well;

Ø  Offset Well;

Ø  Stratigraphic Well.


Part 5: Oil and Gas Drilling Operation (3)


Ø  Stratigraphic Test Well or Exploratory Well;

Ø  Service Well;

Ø  Dry Hole;

Ø  Dual Completion;

Ø  Dry Natural Gas;

Ø  Natural and Artificial Lifts;

Ø  Oil and Gas Production and Sales;

Ø  Some State and US Federal Oil and Gas Drilling Regulation;

Ø  Maximum Efficiency Drilling Rate (MER);

Ø  Oil and Gas Subsectors – Upstream, Mid-Stream And Downstream;

Ø  Horizontal, Vertical and Full Integration within the Oil and Gas Industry;

Ø  Shale Gas Drilling and Related Issues.



Part 6: Oil and Gas Safety


Ø  HSE Offshore Statistics:

       Hydrocarbon Releases (HCRs)5;

       Fatal and major injuries to offshore workers;

       Types of Accidents;

       Over- 3-day injuries to offshore workers;

       Dangerous Occurrences offshore;

       Incidence of ill health to workers offshore.

Ø  Oil and Gas Industry Safety Regimes/ Institutions and Their Safety Regulation and Monitoring System:

       American Petroleum Institute: Environmental Health & Safety;


       A Step Change in Safety;

       Fire and Blast Information Group;

       National Offshore Petroleum Safety Authority;

       OSHA Oil and Gas Well Drilling and Servicing Worksafe;

       BC Health & Safety Centre for Petroleum;

       Health and Safety Executive (HSE);

       Petroleum Industry's Annual Safety Seminar.

Ø  Safety Relief Valves and Rupture Discs;

Ø  Pressure Safety Valves (PSV), Operation and Testing;

Ø  Gaswell blowouts;

Ø  Hydrogen Sulfide;

Ø  Hydrogen Sulfide Principles;

Ø  Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Safety for Oil and Gas;

Ø  Rig Accidents;

Ø  Actinia Oil Rig Blowout;

Ø  Blow-Out preventers – (BOP);

Ø  New Generation of BOPs;

Ø  Malfunctioning of BOPs;

Ø  Dealing with Blowouts;

Ø  Analysing the BP Gulf of Mexico Disaster.