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Job Interview Skills can be used effectively, Master the soft skills required for a successful career, Understand the importance of clear communication, Improve your time management efficiency, Develop knowledge of good leadership practices, Stand out in job interviews.

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Interview Skills
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Want to get Hired by that Dream Company? Good Preparation and Presenting Oneself in a positive manner in the Interviews are the two Keys to Success. Awareness on the kinds of Interviews, selection strategies, Dos & Donts, Personal gap analysis, suitable Preparation & Training are necessary to give confidence in handling pressure at an Interview and emerging successful with a Dream Job! This course will help you understand the Purpose of Interviews and the various Stages of an Interview. It will help prepare in facing various Interview tests & techniques & types of Interview questions asked by Interviewers. You will become aware of common factors that lead to failure at interviews, How to make a personal SWOT analysis, develop essential Interview Skills, Prepare Right for the Job Interview, The Importance of Researching the Job &_ Employer, Writing a Winning Resume, Importance of practicing, Dressing Appropriately, Various Do’s & Don’ts of Face-to-Face Interviews, Do’s & Don’ts of Phone Interviews, Handling Nerves & Pressure, Displaying Right Body Language, Selling Yourself Effectively, Answering Questions, Negotiating Salary & Other Benefits & what to do after Bagging one’s Dream Job!