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This course provides participants with the general knowledge and main skills to successfully manage technology and solutions available for playing with business data. Students will not only be able to have a complete image of the Business Intelligence (BI) concepts and its architecure, but also an introduction to Business Analytics (BA). The combination of both perspectives will let students to make decisions in order to transform data and their analysis into value.

This course will cover specifically following topics:

• Business intelligence concepts.
• Data warehouse issues.
• Datamining solutions.

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E business
Business Intelligence


The course contents comprise the next sections: 1. Introduction to Business Intelligence. 2. Building a BI project. 3. BI Architectural Framework: Information and DATA Architecture. 4. BI Architectural Framework: Technical and DATA Architecture. 5. Data Design. 6. Introduction to Business Analytics. 7. Business Analytics Methods. 8. Bi Tools Review. Regarding the cognitive domain, and with emphasis in knowledge and analysis it is expected that students can • Acquire basic concepts about business intelligence and data mining. • Formulate applications related to these technologies into their specific field of activity. • Analyze and organize BI tools comparison regarding an specific field of application. Finally, by sharing doubts and problems into the forum provided for discussion, students will improve the affective dimension of learning experience as well as the teamwork experience.

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