International transport and logistics


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No exporter can approach an export transaction without taking into account its Transport and logistics requirements. This course will give you a thorough understanding of the main modes of transport in International trade and address the more common management issues related to them.

Transport is one of the main component factors taken into account when determining the final price of a product. Logistics is the process of planning, implementation and control of both the physical and information flow, as well as the storage of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, from point of origin to the end consumer in the most efficient and effective way possible.
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¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

The objectives of the specialization course "International Transport and Logistics" are...

- To understand the importance of correct logistics and transport management for International trade.
- To analyze the modes of transport (marine, air, road, train, multimodal) and their characteristics as well as the transport documents required for each mode of transport and how to complete them.
- To understand the functioning of marine transport, documents required for sea freight and how to complete them.
- Familiarizing the student with different types of packaging, packaging materials, the use of pallets and containers, packing marks, modes of transport and packaging, and the criteria to be used when selecting an appropriate packaging for particular shipments.

The specific objectives of the part "Marine Transport" is to understand the importance of correct logistics and transport management for International trade:

- Learning about the functioning of marine transport, documents required for sea freight and how to complete them
- Learning about the parties involved in the Marine shipment process.
- Learning about the various types of transport involved in Marine shipment.
- Analyzing the various forms of documentation required for Marine shipment (Bill of Lading B/L).
- Examining the various costs associated with Marine transport.
- Examining the various insurance concepts associated with Marine transport.

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is intended for all those wishing to know the import and export logistics operations of products.



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Foreign Trade


This course consists of seven parts:

1- International Transport and logistics.

  1. Introduction to international transport and logistics.
  2. The international transportation chains
  3. The Authorized Economic Operator (AEO).
  4. Selecting a mode of transport.
  5. Transport documents, costs and insurance.
  6. Case study:
       - FEDEX
       - UPS

2-Export packaging

  1. The importance of appropriate export packaging.
  2. Types of containers.
  3. Types of packaging materials.
  4. Electronic tagging.
  5. Marks on packaging.

3- Marine transport

  1. Introduction to marine transport.
  2. Documentation. Bill of Lading (B/L).
  3. Cost of marine transport. Freight.
  4. Insurance.
  5. Legislation.
       - The Hague Visby Rules.
       - The Hamburg Rules.
  6. Main ports of the world.
  7. Outlook of marine transport market.
  8. The world fleet.
  9. Case study:
       - Ports of Rotterdam, Tokyo and Singapore.
       - Cosco.
       - Evergreen
       - Maersk Group.
  10. Introduction to the Maritime Transport in Africa
  11. The Suez Canal

4- International air transport

  1. Unit load device.
  2. The IATA (International Air Transport Association)
  3. Air freight insurance. International air freight tariffs.
  4. The AWB (Air Waybill).
  5. Main airports of the world.
  6. The global air transport market.

5- International road transport

  1. Costs and insurance of road transport
  2. Conventions governing road transport: CMR and TIR.
  3. Road freight market. Flows in international road freight transport.
  4. Road freight documentation (CMR).
  5. Forwarder certificate of receipt (FCR).
  6. Introduction to the African corridors

6- Railway transport

  1. Rail freight market.
  2. Costs and insurance of rail transport
  3. Documentation: CIM Rail Consignment Note.
  4. Governing conventions (CIM and TIF).
  5. The Shinkansen high speed rail network.

7- Multimodal transport

  1. Introduction to the Multimodal and intermodal transportation.
  2. Cost and Insurance of the multimodal transport.
  3. UNCTAD / International Chamber of Commerce Rules for multimodal transport documents. Multimodal Bill of Lading.
  4. The FIATA Combined Transport Bills of Lading (CTBL)
  5. Intermodal transport chain.

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