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This course is addressed at anyone interested in learning how to conduct international trade operations, how to import / export goods from / to foreign countries. Particularly, persons already working or wishing to work for companies dealing in that activity will greatly benefit from this course, which is designed with a predominantly practical approach in mind.

The course is approached with a view to making it as practical as possible. In addition to the necessary theoretical knowledge that the participants will need to acquire, the course mainly focuses on the most practical aspects of international trade. In this respect, participants will be required to complete numerous tasks of a practical nature in order to pass the course. Special attention is given to essential topics such as modes of international payment or coverage of exchange rate risk.

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ElForo de Ciencia y Tecnología para la Producción presenta el programa sguiente para mejorar vuestras competencias y permitiros realizar vuestros objetivos. En el curso de esta formación podréis ver diferentes módulos y adquirir nuevos conocimientos sobre las diferentes temáticas propuestas. Inscribiros para poder acceder a las materias siguientes.1. Export/import mechanics. Tariffs and non tariff barriers. Main documents used. 2. INCOTERMS 3. The GATT and the WTO. 4. International logistics. 5. International modes of payment 6. Exchange risk management and coverage.

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