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The course provides business leaders with the confidence to act decisively on decisions related to foreign market entry the degree of adaptation or standardization across markets, distribution alternatives, promotion, as well as complex pricing and financing decisions.

This course has been designed for high potential professionals that currently do business internationally or aspire to do so. It is ideal for experienced business leaders that lack international marketing experience, and need to understand the fundamental international marketing concepts and tools that will allow them to make decisions effectively and confidently in a complex internatonal environment.

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Marketing internacional


-International Trade theories and evolution: Understanding the basics for developing an international presence, competing internationally . - World Market Environment: Addressing the tension between global standardization versus local market adaptation through a framework to understand political, legal, cultural and consumer based differences. - Planning for International Marketing: Shaping decisions through effective market research in spite of common challenges found internationally and choosing the right market entry strategy. - International Marketing Decisions: Applying a proven tool kit to support decisionmaking for winning product, branding, packaging, distribution, promotion and pricing strategies. - Financial Decisions: Making financial decisions that are influenced by currency fluctuations and basic approaches for minimizing risk.

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