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  • Curso intensivo
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  • Valencia (España)
  • 10 horas de clase
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This is the ideal course to achieve a complete learning of the Spanish Language. The students learn Spanish language through the study of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, writing, listening and reading comprehension, spelling and conversation. The purpose of this course is to provide the student the necessary skills in order to speak correctly, understand texts and write texts properly.

Our classes are mainly conversational, where students learn in a pleasant and effective way how to use the language.

Our teachers use the newest teaching strategies, so that learning Spanish in Hispania, escuela de español is very easy and fun.

In the General Spanish Courses, the language is taught in both formal and informal registers. We pay attention to the different linguistic varieties enabling the student to understand any type of communicative speech.

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In Hispania, escuela de español we use our own teaching method based on the conversation as the way to learning language skills, where the student has the leading role in the communication.

The philosophy of our method takes the error as the beginning of learning, creating a pleasant atmosphere which encourages the students to participate in the classroom without fear of making mistakes.

Teachers are key to developing our method. With their professionalism and effort, we create “a la carte” courses. Our classes are weekly designed depending on the number of students attending the classes, so that all classes are profitable to each student, rather than following a manual or a specific textbook. The coordinated work of the teachers, and the fact that we always work with small groups of students, enables an evaluation of the student’s progression in class, so it is not necessary to perform frequently written examinations to determine the changes in the students’ levels.

Each class is designed so that the student reaches a linguistic objective according to his or her level. Thus, every class has a beginning and an end, so that all students make the most of all classes and so that those who attend classes fewer days per week don’t get lost. Since the learning pace of each student is different, each student will change levels individually. In this way, students can learn Spanish “at their own pace”, and won’t have to keep pace with the rest of the students.

Our teaching method allows maximum flexibility for students, who can stop their classes if they wish, change their schedules or cancel some classes, since they can always recover missed classes and will always make a class of their level to reach a new linguistic objective.

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Carrer Bernat Y Baldoví 11, 46010, Valencia, España
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Advanced Spanish
Intensive Spanish
Spanish Language
Spanish Conversation
Spanish Grammar
Beginners Spanish
Intermediate Spanish
Communication Skills
Spanish Food
Spanish cuisine


Our teaching method is certified as a high quality method by the most prestigious national and international educational institutions. Our teaching method allows total flexibility, since we prepare each class "à la carte" depending on the students of each class, which enables you to assist, whenever you want, to the classes you were unable to attend to.

1 week   110 €
2 weeks 185 €
3 weeks 240 €
4 weeks 280 €
6 weeks 420 €
8 weeks 500 €
10 weeks 625 €
12 weeks 750 €
24 weeks 1380 €
30 weeks 1725 €
36 weeks 2070 €
40 weeks 2200 €
48 weeks 2640 €