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  • Curso intensivo
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  • Barcelona (España)
  • 25 horas de clase
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Our Spanish school in Barcelona is housed in a modern and spacious building with 2600 square meters generously spread over the 3 lower floors. The school offers more than 55 bright and airy classrooms with a total surface area of 2000 square meters. It also consists of 600 square meters of common areas, including a large interior patio, which looks out through a glass wall onto the school's expansive private garden, complete with trees and terrace. The central interior patio offers comfortable seating and more than 20 computer terminals, making it a great stop for easy and free internet access from our terminals or linking up your own laptop to the school's free Wi-Fi. The patio is a popular spot to relax between classes while enjoying a drink or snack from the vending machines stationed throughout the school. Learn Spanish in Barcelona with don Quijote and enjoy the luxury of a building beautifully-furnished with marble floors throughout the common areas and wooden floors in the classrooms.

In summary, the don Quijote Barcelona is not only big, but bright and comfortable, with a touch of luxury. It is one of the largest Spanish schools in Europe!

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The Intensive Spanish course is undoubtedly our most popular class because it is designed to help students learn Spanish as quickly as possible through constant interaction. The classes are given entirely in Spanish in all levels, from beginning to advanced, so that students are divided according to their skill levels.

Intensive Spanish courses are taught using an interactive teaching method which means that, whenever possible, professors will use practical situations requiring student interaction and communication. This communicative teaching method has been constantly refined over the years and is now an integral part of don Quijote’s success.

Intensive Spanish classes focus on all aspects of the Spanish language and theory, from grammar exercises to reading, writing, listening and communication skills. Students may practice Spanish through a wide variety of activities including debates, newspaper articles, current affairs, games, mock telephone conversations, interviews, films and documentaries, listening to songs and, of course, real life situations and events.

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Carrer de Mallorca, 27, 08029, Barcelona, España
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Former Student
Lo mejor I studied at the School for three weeks in July 2015. I was initially sceptical about the school due to a number of previous bad reviews but thoroughly enjoyed my time there and highly recommend it. There is a test during the morning of the first day and this is used by the school to assess your ability to place you in a class. This is obviously also influenced by the ability of the other students and how to best group students. There were a lot of people there whilst I was there (at least 150+) so it was easier for the school to group people. I was initially placed in a class which was above my ability but you can engage with the admin staff and change classes quite easily. The teachers were very good, the syllabus was well structured and thorough and I learnt a lot whilst I was there. The facilities within the school were very good. There were 25+ classrooms over three floors with a large central common area and outdoor area. There were also food and drink machines. I only wish I was able to stay for longer and see my spanish improve even more. I would love to study through the school again.

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Curso realizado: Octubre 2016 | Recomendarías este centro? Sí.

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Advanced Spanish
Intensive Spanish
Spanish Language
Spanish Conversation
Spanish Grammar
Beginners Spanish
Intermediate Spanish
Spanish Food
Spanish cuisine


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