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Fellowship in Diabetes

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Fellowship in Diabetes course is a one year online program which includes a 4 week contact program at Apollo Sugar Clinics/Accredited Apollo Hospitals across India.
This course is structured to provide broad, in-depth and updated knowledge in all the aspects of diabetic care and facilitate the physicians to develop the skills for efficient and integrated diabetic care.

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The course aims to enable understudies: To enhance the Physician's knowledge of the basic sciences pertaining to Diabetes Mellitus.
To provide additional expertise in identifying potential Diabetics by understanding the clinical manifestations and efficiently diagnosing Diabetes Mellitus using the current investigative tools.
To understand and put into practice the current therapeutic principles in Diabetes Mellitus.
To know the scope and methods of non-pharmacological management of Diabetes mellitus.
To impart competencies in patient care to handle all emergencies and complications related to Diabetes Mellitus and make appropriate andtimely referrals to other specialties especially Cardiology, Nephrology, Neurology, Ophthalmology and General Surgery.
To understand the concept of Integrated Diabetic Care.
To develop the necessary skills for counseling and educating Diabetic patients and their families.
To develop a 'preventing' and 'promoting' healthcare approach to Diabetes management.

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On completion of this course, students are expected to be able to work in hospitals particularly in Diabetes related area.

Requisitos: MBBS graduates Post Graduates in any medical specialty


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There are 4 Modules, in Module 1 you can find 6 subjects which is 1.Introduction to Diabetes Mellitus - Definition, History, Classification, Syndromes, 2.Epidemiology, 3.Physiology, 4.Pathogenesis, 5.Clinical Presentation of Diabetes Mellitus, 6.Investigations to aid diagnosis in Diabetes Mellitus in Module 2 you can find 5 subjects which is 1.Pharmacology in Diabetes Mellitus, 2.Approach to management in Diabetes Mellitus - Current Guidelines, Application of Pharmacology in a practical setting, 3.Diabetes in Childhood and Adolescence, 4.Diabetes in the Elderly, 5.Secondary Diabetes Mellitus in Module 3 you can find 4 subjects which is 1.Complications of Diabetes Mellitus (Cardiovascular, Peripheral Vascular, Eye, Renal, Neurological), 2.Complications of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (the effect on the foetus), 3.Infections in Diabetes Mellitus, 4.Surgery and Anaesthesia in a Diabetic patient and Module 4 you can find 5 subjects which is 1.Emergencies in Diabetes Mellitus, 2.Hospital Admission Guidelines, 3.Patient Education - Diet, Exercise, Monitoring, 4.Health Care Delivery - The Concept of Integrated Care, 5.Prevention.

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You can also pay in 3 installment but in installment fee would be increased to 1st is Rs.30000 ($938), 2nd is Rs.20000 ($938) and 3rd is Rs.25000.