Diploma in Emergency Medicine

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Diploma in Emergency Medicine is a one-year program which includes 3 months of online study and 9 months contact program at various accredited hospitals across India.

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¿Qué objetivos tiene esta formación?

The course aims to enable understudies to : To understand the organization of Emergency Medical Services., To establish and maintain clinical knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to quickly assess and manage emergencies., To perform a complete and appropriate assessment of acutely ill patients, i.e. a well-organized history and physical examination., To select appropriate investigations, including laboratory and diagnostic imaging, with careful attention to patient safety, diagnostic utility and cost, and interpret the results accurately and within their clinical context., Differential diagnosis of common illnesses presenting to emergency department., To be familiar with the equipment and drugs used in emergencies and use therapeutic interventions in a safe, effective, appropriate and timely manner. etc

Requisitos: Diploma in Emergency Medicine course is designed to train students with an international standard of training in emergency care.                         


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¿Qué aprendés en este curso?

Emergency medicine
Medical services
Medical training
Trauma Emergencies
Obstetric and Gynecologic


Module I you can find 7 subjects which is 1.Emergency Medicine Department, 2.Airway Management, 3.Cardiac Emergencies, 4.Management of Shock, 5.Neurological Emergencies, 6.Respiratory Emergencies, 7.Surgical Emergencies

in Module II you can find 9 subjects which is 1.Orthopedic Emergencies, 2.Trauma Emergencies, 3.Obstetric and Gynecologic Emergencies, 4.Pediatric emergencies, 5.Wound Assessment and Management, 6.Local Anesthetics and Anesthesia, 7.Analgesia in Emergency Room, 8.Chronic Pain Management, 9.Emergency Department Imaging,

in Module III you can also find 10 subjects which is 1.Toxicology, 2.Otolaryngologic Emergencies, 3.Ophthalmic Emergencies, 4.Endocrine Emergencies, 5.Acid Base and Electrolytes, 6.Burns, 7.Anaphylaxis, 8.Bites and Stings, 9.Envenomation, 10.Dive Emergencies

and in Module IV you can find 7 subjects which is 1.Environmental Emergencies, 2.Mechanical Ventilation, 3.Urogenital Emergencies, 4.Transfusion Emergencies, 5.Hepato Biliary Emergencies, 6.Psychiatric Emergencies, 7.Legal Aspects of Emergency Medicare.

Orthopedic Emergencies, Trauma Emergencies, Obstetric and Gynecologic Emergencies, Pediatric emergencies, Wound Assessment and Management, Local Anesthetics and Anesthesia, Analgesia in Emergency Room, Chronic Pain Management, Emergency Department Imaging, Urogenital Emergencies etc
You can also pay in installments 140000 (3500) there are 4 installment 1st is 60000 (1750) and 2nd is 80000 (1750).

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Diploma in Emergency Medicine course is designed to train students with an international standard of training in emergency care.