Cisco ICND2 1.0 Improving Switched Network and VLAN Performance

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To recognize how to improve the performance and security of switched networks and VLANs.
Dirigido a: Network administrators, engineers, and managers; systems engineers, network designers, and project managers who require training and certification in Cisco technologies

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ICND1 and an understanding of basic networking concepts and Cisco technologies.


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Cisco ICND2 1.0 Improving Switched Network and VLAN Performance recognize how a redundant switched topology is built and the issues involved. recognize how STP provides loop resolution in a switched network. recognize how PVST+ and RSTP operate, how to configure RSTP, and how routing works between VLANs. recognize and resolve issues with STP. recognize switch security issues and how to secure switch devices, protocols, and ports. recognize how to troubleshoot switches, port connectivity, VLANs, and trunking. recognize how to troubleshoot VTP and STP. configure a switch to meet specific VLAN requirements.

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