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This Course Provides us knowledge aboutthe Undergraduate Certificate in Accounting Program and is designed for those who are looking to learn new job skills, refresh or refine existing accounting knowledge, or improve the performance of a business through better understanding of the essentials of accounting and finance.
Basic Knowledge of Mathematics and English Language.

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Basic IT training
Basic IT
Accounting MBA
Financial Training
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The Objective of this course is to enable understudies to understand the enable understudies to understand the basic concepts of in Accounting and designed to prepare individuals with skills required to undertake a range of primary financial, managerial and administrative tasks in an accounting context.
This is a short term course and the contents for this course are under the following Head that is Introduction to Accounting. under this we learn How financial information provides information about a company’s: (a) Economic resources, obligations, and owner’s equity, (b) Income and its components, (c)Cash flows. The development and applications of basic assumptions, principles and constraints underlying financial statements. Information derived from financial statements and the limitations of that information. The use of accounting information to evaluate a company’s return on investment, risk financial flexibility, liquidity, and operational capability. How to prepare basic financial statements.