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Whatever organisation you work for as a sales person your most fundamental activity will be to carry out sales. This will enable you to achieve the targets and objectives that you have set or which have been set for you by your organisation or by your sales manager. If you fail to sell properly and therefore fail to gain customers, orders and income, then your organisation will not survive. Everything you do during your day-to-day work activities should be geared to the achievement of one aim only i.e. selling successfully to customers and satisfying their needs You are ultimately judged by your success in gaining customers and achieving sales income for your organisation, therefore it is important for you to properly understand and implement all the essential steps involved in carrying out sales. As a sales person you should know the value of effective preparation and planning. Failing to plan is planning to fail. This applies crucially to selling, as without prior preparation and planning you will achieve very little e.g. you will need to decide what your objectives are prior to making a call on a customer. It can therefore be seen that carrying out sales is a multi stage activity which to be carried out successfully requires much preparation.

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This module is designed to give you a structured approach for personal selling. Key frameworks are designed to ensure you are well-equipped when selling in face-to-face situations. The module covers the personal selling process, beginning with the preparation stage and ending with closing and documenting the sale. Guidelines are given on how to create the right relationship with your customers and the importance of treating all your customers as individuals.

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The Content of this course is Divided into 2 Units Are as Follows- Unit 1: Preparation for carrying out sales -Failing to plan is planning to fail. This unit is designed to enable you to prepare thoroughly, prior to carrying out the sale. Guidelines are given on obtaining the necessary information and relating it to the customers’ needs. A framework is designed to help you draw up sales call plans and to set objectives for each individual customer. Attention is drawn to the sales aids you will require for each sales call. Unit 2: Building the right relationship when carrying out sales -Remember that first impressions last and you never get a second chance to make a first impression. A framework is designed to help you create the right relationship with the customer and gives guidelines on how to enhance your inter-personal skills with them. Advice is given on "actively" listening to your customer and relating your product/service benefits in terms that will satisfy each customer’s needs. Unit 3: Creating customer interest and desire when carrying out sales -Time is money and customers will not want their time wasted, hence the need to clearly state the benefits to them of dealing with your organisation. A framework is designed which helps you make the business meeting interesting and informative for the customer. Advice is given on how to put across your oganisation’s FAB (features, advantages and benefits). Unit 4: Dealing with customer objections when carrying out sales -During the business dialogue the customer may raise a number of areas for concern, eg price, quality, design or delivery. This unit provides you with a framework which is designed to ensure that you continue the right relationship with your customer and gives guidelines on how to be empathetic with them. Advice is also given on what to do if solutions cannot be found. Unit 5: Closing and documenting the sale when carrying out sales -In this unit a framework is designed to help you conclude the business meeting in a professional manner, with an emphasis on pleasing and satisfying the customer as the final outcome. Advice is given on how to understand and respond to buying signals. Guidelines are also given on the relevant documentation that is required, including your legal duties.

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