Psychology BSc (Hons)

University of the Highlands and Islands
En Lerwick (Escocia)

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  • Bachelor's degree
  • Lerwick (Escocia)

Are you fascinated by the science of the human mind? Do you wonder what leads us to behave in certain ways? If so, then our BSc (Hons) Psychology degree could be the path for you.

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15 septiembre 2016
Gremista, ZE1 0PX, Shetland, Escocia
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Year 1 - CertHE View our interactive introduction to the course Year one subjects include: Introduction to psychology Psychology of Individual Differences and Development Foundations of research Practicals in Psychology 1 Two options modules Year 3 - BSc Year three subjects include: Biological psychology Cognitive psychology Social psychology Individual differences Advanced Research Skills Developmental psychology Year 2 - DipHE Subjects include: Practical Research and Analysis Skills Practicals in Psychology 2 Cognition Health psychology Adolescence Option module Year 4 - BSc (Hons) Core subjects are: Dissertation Conceptual and historical issues in psychology You must also choose three options from: Developmental disorders Abnormal psychology Animal behaviour Sport and exercise psychology Later life Managing health Human cognition and computers Food and behaviour