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Anglia Ruskin University
En Cambridge (Inglaterra)

£ 9.250 - ($ 183.376)

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  • Bachelor's degree
  • Cambridge (Inglaterra)
  • Duración:
    3 Years
  • Cuándo:
    Septiembre 2017

Offer an intellectual training in thinking and communicating clearly. You can learn how past thinkers have approached such questions, and, through this study, develop ways of thinking that are more rigorous, systematic and creative. Philosophy teaches skills that are of immediate relevance, and employers value the problem-solving insights and imaginative flexibility that our graduates demonstrate.

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Requisitos: Preferred subject(s): GCE A-level Philosophy, English or related subject GCSE(s) Preferred: English Grade C or above We welcome applications from International and EU students.There are country-specific entry requirements.


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Cambridge Campus, East Road, CB1 1PT, Cambridgeshire , Inglaterra
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Political Philosophy
Modern Philosophy
Contemporary Philosophy
Eastern Philosophy
Western Philosophy
Skills and Training


Course overview

Philosophy is an increasingly popular subject at school and in the wider world, as more people realise the value of thinking through some of the really 'big questions' that have puzzled and fascinated us for centuries. Philosophy at Anglia Ruskin is broadly European in outlook, taking up issues in art, literature and politics.

Philosophy examines questions about who we are, what we can know and what we should seek to do if we are to lead worthwhile lives. In our friendly, supportive and stimulating environment you will study the ideas and arguments of some of the major philosophers in the history of the subject through their own writings.

You will also examine central theories in the fields of metaphysics, aesthetics, moral and political philosophy and literary theory. Through the detailed study and interpretation of philosophical texts, the course provides rigorous intellectual training, instilling historical and theoretical awareness and developing your powers of reflection and judgement as well as vital skills of critical analysis and argument.


Year one modules

  • Ancient Philosophy
  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Meanings of Life
  • Western Civilisation
  • Introduction to Philosophy

Year two modules

  • Existence and Authenticity
  • Reason and Experience
  • Ethics
  • Mind and World
  • Philosophy of Art

Year three modules

  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Varieties of Scepticism
  • Philosophical Texts
  • Autobiography
  • Good and Evil


Assessment is via a mix of examination, essays, portfolios, presentations, reviews, reports and Major Project.

Dedication: full-time.

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Career opportunities: The skills and abilities you will develop are useful for a wide range of careers, from arts-based areas like journalism and media, publishing, advertising and teaching, through to computing and business administration. Employers recognise the benefit of an intellectual training in critical and flexible thinking and imaginative problem solving and appreciate the independence, creativity and communication skills of our graduates, many of whom have gone on to obtain innovative and interesting work after graduation.