History and Literature BA (Hons)

University of the Highlands and Islands
En Fort William (Escocia)

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  • Bachelor's degree
  • Fort william (Escocia)

The joint honours degree in History and Literature allows you to turn your passion for the past and for writing into an interesting career. The BA (Hons) History and Literature covers a range of approaches, from thematic modules that cover a variety of places and historical periods, to concentrated and in-depth studies of a particular group of authors or periods of history. Special features You will explore literature and history in a global context The degree can be studied full time or part time to suit your personal circumstances You can study individual modules for personal or professional development

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15 septiembre 2016
Fort William
Carmichael Way, PH33 6FF, Highlands and Islands, Escocia
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Year 1 - CertHE History subjects include: Renaissances, reformations and revolts: Europe, c.1100-1789 Themes in modern British history The Atlantic world: the old world meets the new Literature subjects may include: Worlds real and imagined: an introduction to poetry Literary discoveries: an introduction to prose fiction Year 3 - BA History subjects may include: Gender in 19th and 20th Century Britain Historiographical essay War and chivalry in medieval Britain and France Cultural centres and economic powerhouses: London, Hamburg and Amsterdam during the early modern period British military history Literature subjects include: European Modernism and the Scottish Literary Renaissance  Renaissance voice, Renaissance vision Gaor Nam Ban: Gaelic women’s poetry 1644-1746 From theorists to theatre: modern dramatic theory and directing plays Homeward bound: 19th and 20th Century Scottish and Irish fiction Dream visions and dreamlike encounters in medieval Scottish literature Year 2 - DipHE History subjects may include: Clash of civilisations: Europe and the Muslim world, 1100-1700 From Champlain to Vimy Ridge: a history of Canada Travelling cultures, global diasporas Literature subjects may include: Male ideals and female desires in medieval Scottish poetry The nature of genius: Scottish and European Romanticism Year 4 - BA (Hons) You will complete a dissertation. You will also study subjects which may include: History: Britain’s empire: colonies and consequences, 1783-1950 The "Troubles": politics, culture and conflict in Northern Ireland, 1965-2010 Death and destruction: the social impact of the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648) Lordship, colony, kingdom Literature: Satire: the literary art of attack Engaging with Scottish Calvinism Apocalyptic fictions Auto\biography: Time, memory, identity Iarshader to Iraq: Gaelic poetry of conflict from the 19th Century