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Would you like to study tourism and leisure? How about in one of the top destinations on the Mediterranean? If you are looking to advance your career prospects in the tourism industry, look no further than this Bachelor of Leisure & Tourism Management program at European University in Barcelona.European University's comprehensive program covers all bases and equips its students with the the skills they need to be successful in the competitive tourism industry. Students will take core courses in economics and mathematics, as well as more specific courses in areas such as marketing management, tourism marketing, entrepreneurship, global business and strategy. The campus also offers its students a diverse academic environment, which is ideal for students who simultaneously wish to learn about other cultures. EU is a vibrant and motivated international community, with students coming from all over the world. International exchange leads to greater understanding and appreciation of other cultures and also prepares EU graduates for more effective interaction in the global marketplace.Students in this program will have the opportunity to explore exchange programs in other countries, and can also transfer to any of the other three EU campuses such as Munich, Geneva, or Montreux upon completing a semester of studies.

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· Requisitos

Certificate from an accredited secondary school; fluency in English; application fee; two reference letters; two essays; bank certificate.


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Leisure and Tourism Management
Principles of Accounting
Elementary Calculus
Micro Economics
Business Finance
Macro Economics
Marketing Management
Planning and Development
Global Business
Wildlife Tourism
Tourism Security



BCO111- Foundations of Business Management (3)
BCO112- Writing Communication Skills (3)
BCO113- Principles of Accounting (3)
BCO114- Elementary Calculus (3)
BCO115- Computer Literacy and Introduction to Internet (3)
BCO116- Introduction to Marketing (3)
BCO125- Micro Economics (3)
BAT111 - The Business of Tourism (2)
Industrial Visits I (3)

BCO121- Oral Communication Skills (3)
BCO122- Intermediate Accounting (3)
BCO123- Elementary Statistics (3)
BCO124- Macro Economics (3)
BCO125- Commercial & European Laws (3)
BCO126- Business Finance I (3)
BAT121 - Travel & Tourism Assignments (2)
BAT122 - Tourism Marketing (2)
Industrial Visits II (3)


BCO211- Marketing Management (3)
BCO212- Business Finance II (3)
BCO213- Human Resources Management (3)
BCO214- Production Management (3)
BCO215- Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation (3)
BCO216- Introduction to Multimedia Management (2)
BCO217- Management Information Systems (3)
BAT211 - Conference Management (2)

BCO221- Financial Statement Analysis (3)
BCO222- Strategic Marketing (3)
BCO223- Sales & Purchasing Management (3)
BCO224- International Economics (3)
BCO225- Consumer Behavior (3)
BAT221 - Touristic Geography (2)
BAT222 - Tourist Destination Management (2)
BAT223 - Resort Management (2)
BAT224 - Planning & Development (2)
BAT225 - Tourism & The Environment (2)


BCO311 - Cases in Marketing (3)
BCO312 - Financial Statement Analysis (3)
BCO313 - Cases in Finance (3)
BCO314 - Corporate Finance (3)
BCO315 - Technology, Productivity & Change Management (3)
BAT311 - Managing Site Attraction (2)
BAT312 - Leisure & Recreational Management (2)
BAT313 - Urban Tourism (2) BAT314 - Tourism & Public Policy (2)
BAT315 - Tourism Security (2)

BCO321- Business Policy & Strategy (3)
BCO322- Budgeting (3)
BCO323- Global Marketing (3)
BCO324- Global Business (3)
BAT321 - Event Management in Leisure & Tourism (2)
BAT322 - Wildlife Tourism (2)
  • Final Case in Leisure & Tourism Management
  • Final Case in Marketing
  • Thesis
The program is taught in English and/or Spanish and takes place during the day from Monday to Friday. They start in October, February, June and August.

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