B.A. History (Hons)

University of Kent
En Canterbury (Inglaterra)

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  • Bachelor's degree
  • Canterbury (Inglaterra)

This History (Hons) course from the University of Kent is carefully crafted to allow undergraduates to tailor their degree to their own interests, with more than 70 undergraduate history modules to choose from, covering topics from the crusades to the Cold War; from the impact of science on 19th-century culture to the totalitarian regimes of Stalins Russia and Hitlers Third Reich.

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01 septiembre 2016
CT2 7PE, Kent, Inglaterra
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Course Content

The course structure below gives a flavour of the modules that will be available to you and provides details of the content of this programme. This listing is based on the current curriculum and may change year to year in response to new curriculum developments and innovation. Most programmes will require you to study a combination of compulsory and optional modules, you may also have the option to take ‘wild’ modules from other programmes offered by the University in order that you may customise your programme and explore other subject areas of interest to you or that may further enhance your employability.

Stage 1

Possible modules may include:

  • Making History: Theory and Practice
  • Early Medieval Europe
  • Later Medieval Europe
  • 1450 - 1600: The Age of Reformation
  • 1600-1750: The Age of Enlightenment
  • Introduction to the History of Science
  • A Global History of Empires: 1500-1850
  • A Global History of Empires: 1850-1960
  • Introduction to the History of Medicine
  • The Emergence of America:From European Settlement to 1880
  • The Rise of the United States Since 1880
  • Britain in the Age of Industrialisation 1700-1830
  • War and Diplomacy in Europe c1850-2000
  • Modern British History (Part Two)
  • Victorian Britain: Politics, Society and Culture
  • Revolutionary Europe 1700-1850

You have the opportunity to select wild modules in this stage

Stage 2

Possible modules may include:

  • Russia: 1855-1945 Reform, Revolution and War
  • History of Photography:Between Science & Art
  • The British Atlantic World c.1580-1763
  • Conflict in Seventeenth Century Britain
  • The Art of Death
  • Inviting Doomsday: US Environmental
  • The Tools of Empire 1760-1920
  • Everyday Life in Early Modern Europe
  • Persecution, Repression and Resistance
  • Anglo-French Relations 1904 - 1945
  • Science Satirised
  • Churchill's Army: the British Army in the Second World War
  • The British Empire: Sunrise to Sunset
  • Marvels, Monsters and Freaks 1780-1920
  • Armies at War 1914-1918
  • Modern German History, 1918-1990
  • History Dissertation
  • Popular Religion and Heresy, 1100-1300
  • Science, Power and Politics in Twentieth Century Britain
  • The British Army and Empire c1750-1920
  • The American Civil War Era 1848-1877
  • The Crusades
  • African History since 1800
  • Europe and the Islamic World, c 1450-1750
  • From Crisis to Revolution: France 1774-1799
  • How the West was Won (or lost): The American West in the Nineteenth Cen
You have the opportunity to select wild modules in this stage

Stage 3

Possible modules may include:

  • Undergraduate Dissertation
  • Napoleon and Europe, 1799 - 1815
  • British Politics 1625-1642
  • Origins of the Second World War
  • The Rise and Fall of Slavery in the Atlantic World, c. 1500 - 1900
  • Britain's Home Front
  • The Rights Revolution: The 20th Century US Supreme Court & Society
  • The Discovery of the World c.1450 - 1800
  • The Great War: British Memory, History and Culture
  • Empires of Religion
  • Saints, Relics & Churches in Medieval Europe c.500-1500
  • Lords, Peasants and Heretics
  • After Stalin: The Decline and Fall of the Soviet Union
  • Human Experiments & Human Rights during the Cold War
  • Literature & History:Text & Context in C.19thScience